Zenlayer Launches Global Accelerator to Improve Game, Media and Application Performance

LOS ANGELES–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Zenlayer, a leading global provider of edge cloud services, today announced the launch of Zenlayer Global AcceleratorMT (ZGAMT), a revolutionary network acceleration service that enhances interactive digital experiences for businesses serving users across the globe.

Building on Zenlayer’s deep experience in empowering global businesses with its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings and extensive global private backbone network, the company has developed this new platform product. as a Service (PaaS) to continue its mission of improving digital experiences for organizations of all sizes. Businesses can now take advantage of this new service to instantly accelerate applications, websites, platforms and software without provisioning or managing any infrastructure.

ZGA is an API-based network acceleration service built on Zenlayer’s software-defined network platform. ZGA goes beyond traditional acceleration services, enabling businesses to accelerate any type of application using a simple API call or web configurations, regardless of location. ZGA features an enhanced Linux kernel with end-to-end protocol optimization and a flexible architecture that supports a wide range of Layer 4 to Layer 7 protocols.

The announcement follows the successful beta launch of ZGA in early 2021. Customers across many industries are now benefiting from the new service, including gaming, video and audio conferencing, enterprise SaaS connectivity, authentication and user access to e-commerce, online education and live broadcasting.

“ZGA is a critical step towards our vision of enabling businesses of all sizes to instantly deliver great digital experiences to anyone in the world,” said Joe Zhu, Founder and CEO of Zenlayer. “Businesses today need to deliver applications and platforms efficiently and cost-effectively. Zenlayer’s new PaaS product helps them achieve these goals, while empowering developers and DevOps professionals.

ZGA is built on Zenlayer’s fully meshed global backbone network that intelligently optimizes routes and connects global destinations in just milliseconds. This helps prevent congestion of the public Internet and reduces packet loss to zero. The network has proprietary traffic engineering algorithms to optimize all data passing through it. It also covers hard-to-reach markets like India, China, Southeast Asia, South America and Africa with connections to the best local ISPs in each region.

“Organizations today face a variety of challenges when connecting distributed users to digital services,” said David Xie, chief product officer at Zenlayer. “Common issues include poor application performance, slow synchronization between regional cloud servers, and interruptions during cross-border downloads. ZGA solves these challenges by accelerating from the first mile to the last mile. ”

As an AWS ISV Accelerate Partner, Zenlayer also works closely with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to jointly improve digital experiences for global customers.

“Zenlayer and AWS have a common vision to grow our business in emerging markets. We are excited to support Zenlayer’s global business and provide access to ZGA through AWS Marketplace, ”said Wang Rui, Director of AWS Marketplace China and Technology Partners. “By adding Zenlayer to AWS Marketplace, businesses of all sizes, from enterprises to startups, can now easily find, purchase and deploy ZGA, and enable cloud-native customer experiences on AWS.

Learn more about Zenlayer Global Accelerator and the company’s strong portfolio of edge cloud services by visiting: https://www.zenlayer.com/products/zenlayer-global-accelerator

About Zenlayer

Zenlayer (www.zenlayer.com) offers on-demand edge cloud services in more than 180 PoPs around the world, with expertise in fast-growing emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, India, China and North America South. Businesses use Zenlayer’s global cloud platform to instantly improve their users’ digital experiences with ultra-low latency and on-demand global connectivity.

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