Your Chromebook is a gaming rig with NVIDIA GeForce NOW

Gaming on the go is easier than ever, and in most cases, cheaper than you expect, because your Chromebook can unlock RTX 3080-powered PC titles with little more than an internet connection thanks to NVIDIA GeForce NOW.

The recent release of a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce NOW Chrome OS app is ideal for casual gamers and hardcore gamers. For those who want to play quickly and easily on the go, it’s great. For those who want high-end PC graphics without needing to go out and build a potentially expensive gaming PC, you have a cheap entry route into RTX 3080 graphics without a hitch.

Sure, Chromebooks can run Android apps and even some basic games. The problem is that even with this ability, your experience can vary wildly. Gaming laptops can be big, bulky beasts, while a Chromebook is small, sleek, and, thanks to a lightweight operating system, offers incredible battery longevity.

Combine these impressive specs with the power of an RTX 3080 graphics card and you have the perfect gaming companion. NVIDIA GeForce NOW lets you tap into your existing game library of comprehensive PC games from Stream, UPlay, Epic Games Store, and It certainly trumps running a mobile version on a laptop with scaling and graphics issues.

NVIDIA GeForce NOW on Chromebook is the perfect solution for your gaming needs. A native, optimized, device-installed app means you get top-tier gaming on any Chrome OS device – it’s kind of like Plug an RTX 3080 directly into the side of your Chromebook. You can unlock games at 1080p, 60fps with the priority plan with ray tracing enabled for just $9.99 a month or $49.99 for six months. It’s much cheaper than upgrading an existing PC or games console.

Even higher resolution games are available with the 3080 plan. This lets you play all your games through NVIDIA GeForce NOW at 1440p up to 120 fps or 4K UHD at 60 fps with the all-important ray-tracing enabled for 19 $.99 per month – which is still much cheaper than comparable upgrades. Plus, because it’s cloud gaming, you can play on Chromebook, Android, Mac, PC, and TV with devices like the Nvidia Shield TV and just about any hardware powered by AndroidTV.

The beauty of NVIDIA GeForce NOW is that choosing to game on Chromebook doesn’t limit you to just one device. You simply don’t need to be tied to one device to play over 1,200 of the biggest and best games with almost 100 free titles included too.

Don’t just take our word for it, try the GeForce NOW service for yourself by heading to, and for the latest and greatest gaming news every week, be sure to check out “GFN Thursdays” .

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