Your Chromebook gets a new emoji picker this month and 992 new emoji later this year

Later this month, Google go outside a shiny new emoji picker for Chromebook users in alignment with its release on Android 12, Gmail, and Youtube. Many well-known emoji are also being updated to be more inclusive and diverse in light of World Emoji Day. There are currently over 3,521 emoji to choose from, and Google is reviewing many of them to make them more relevant globally.

A great example of an emoji that has become culturally outdated or at least exclusive is the pie – instead of just baking a standard American pumpkin pie (or sweet potato pie if you have a better taste – okay, just tease), it will now be updated to be a covered pie with slits to release all that delicious aroma. With this, you can imagine it as an apple, blueberry, strawberry or even a cherry. It doesn’t even have to be dessert – you can pretend it’s chicken pie too! As they say, when your pie wears more, it leaves more to the imagination (whatever they are).


Another example is the bikini emoji – it’s still a single model, but with the update Google is hoping to include what appear to be different body shapes (again, for inclusion). Additionally, the face mask emoji, which originated in Japan because wearing masks was a thing since before COVID-19, will now get rid of sad eyes and gain a set of open and blinking eyes that are less morbid and depressed. . Rather, the change is intended to reflect a mask being a sign of kindness and awareness, as it has now become a global phenomenon.

The main update seems to be that many of these emoji will now animate when you send them. Since becoming an accepted and integrated part of our society, emoji have retained limited communication power. Animations should help get the point across. While this is certainly a less necessary animation, the scissors will now perform a cutting motion (yay?).


Finally, a lot of outdated and ugly emoji, like the ones in food, are changed to look more cooked or shiny, and fried (as long as I can still choose grilled chicken over fried, I’m happy!), Several more will change their appearance depending on whether dark or light mode is enabled on a device, and more. You can see in the image below that when you send this camping emoji with the dark mode turned on, stars will appear in the sky around it while sending it regularly will exclude them. This, in my opinion, is one of the coolest changes!

We don’t yet know what the new emoji picker for Chromebooks will look like, but recently Google created a system emoji picker developer indicator that suggests emoji to you on a bar that appears where your cursor is. type once it detects the start of a relevant Unicode emoji. It’s a nifty way to let users choose them without having to open up a dedicated or separate keyboard full of emoji, but hopefully its new selector takes it even further.

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