WorldPosta launches MyCloud: a cloud hosting solution to simplify IT development and management

MyCloud portal to create your VMs on the cloud.

WorldPosta offers a new cloud solution called MyCloud. MyCloud is a cloud hosting service designed to fit into your overall business and IT strategy.

The cloud is about how you do IT, not where you do IT.

– Paul Maritz

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 31, 2021 / – WorldPosta announces the launch of its new cloud computing product that adopts the platform as a service (PaaS) model, MyCloud, to help businesses of different sizes explore a wider range of business opportunities. MyCloud has designed a distinctive cloud infrastructure portal that allows businesses to allocate virtual cloud computing resources, configure virtual network settings, and create unlimited virtual machines (VM) and virtual private servers (VPS).

It’s that simple: what if you could get all the computing resources you need in one shopping cart with just a few clicks. Like all cloud solutions, MyCloud helps businesses minimize the roles of IT staff and focus their efforts more on regulating, distributing and storing data.

Business drivers for moving to cloud hosting

With the advent of cloud computing, companies have been able to save time and money by gaining self-service computing resources. Therefore, it supports the agility of your business and helps it scale faster and adapt to dramatic market changes without complex procurement processes.

Additionally, the main challenge that businesses still face is finding free cloud hosting that increases IT functionality while being prompted to control capital spending. By moving from a traditional data center to cloud computing, you have the choice of purchasing computing resources on demand, which dramatically reduces expenses and enables businesses to utilize compute resources to the fullest.

WorldPosta MyCloud: a big victory

• You will be able to access your data 99.999% or even 100% of the time to achieve flawless implementation and peak performance.
• WorldPosta periodically installs the latest updates and implements the latest technologies.
• You can increase or decrease your resources whenever you need them.
• Easily deploy application images with just a few clicks.
• WorldPosta uses the best server virtualization software, the hypervisor, which offers greater IT mobility to make the most of physical resources.
• WorldPosta has an in-house team of certified engineers with high professional expertise to run, maintain and configure its infrastructure to meet the needs of your IT projects.
• WorldPosta data centers are widely distributed geographically to ensure the most reliable and secure availability.
• WorldPosta’s enterprise class servers are backed up with solid state drivers (SSD) in cloud / flash storage to ensure the fastest and best performance from your servers.
• The MyCloud portal is as simple as a user-friendly application unlike other complex management consoles offered by AWS or Microsoft Azure.

MyCloud features are designed to meet the needs of businesses and developers

While businesses and developers always seek viable and dynamically scalable cloud computing services, MyCloud offers custom storage and compute resources that developers and IT organizations use to deliver business solutions.

Cloud Compute

With the allocated resources, you can create multiple virtual machines (memory, processor, storage, and network) with virtual firewalls and multi-data copy capabilities to create an efficient, reliable, and secure computing environment. MyCloud simply takes care of self-service creation, modification and operation.

Your resources will be deployed across multiple Availability Zones connected to each other via an internal network. In the event that an Availability Zone (AZ) is corrupted, other AZs in the same region will be available.

Meanwhile, WorldPosta offers different operating system options including Windows and Linux with all versions, and more.

About WorldPosta

WorldPosta is an innovative industry-leading platform that provides cloud computing services from email hosting, business collaboration, to cloud computing infrastructure, including the deployment of SAP applications. It offers businesses a dynamic economic environment with collaboration tools and massive storage capacity.

WorldPosta helps accelerate the value of the cloud with a streamlined approach that boasts elasticity and scalability. With technical support available 24/7, WorldPosta guarantees 99.9% availability.

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