Workplace IT: Chromebooks in administrative practice

Chromebooks are the best business PCs. This at least suggests their success in the market, because in Germany, too, educational institutions and businesses are increasingly buying such laptops and desktops with Chrome OS. A look at practice shows that Google has turned the right screws: devices can be easily and securely integrated into existing infrastructure. In addition to administration software such as Identity and Access Management (IAM), network and VPN access, linking to already established data stores, applications and services is relevant for a successful transition.

Basically, the architecture of all Chromebooks is the same, regardless of the device manufacturer. All third-party vendors must strictly adhere to Google specifications. It states that the hardware and the operating system are closely related. The predefined core component is a security chip called “Titan C”, whose tasks are defined more broadly than those of other Trusted Platform Modules (TPM).

The Titan chip – also known internally as H1 or Cr50 in the current version – is the root of security and ensures that the firmware, kernel, operating system, and browser only load if their signatures match the hash values ​​provided by Google.

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