Windows on 1.3 billion computers, a new language written by AI and Linux Foundation


A week after Google, Microsoft also released its developer and business news and held its annual conference for the second time in a row. Built Exclusively online.

In the introductory section of Build 2021, Microsoft thanks the developers:

Even after twelve months, it’s still weird. I have personally been involved in the creation many times and as with I / O, WWDC and other similar events, it has always been a non-transferable online experience: a barn filled with thousands of people from all over the world. , giant screens and yes, especially the spectacle. The sound and regulation system comically corresponds to the Rolling Stones party.

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MS Build from the Old World Offline: Crowded rooms, gigantic dining rooms and, yes, more than a fair amount of Starbucks conferences.

It all ended last year and no one has dared to predict whether the monster would revert to a similar format. Organizing the same thing on the web is just cheaper and more environmentally friendly at your fingertips. After all, imagine how many 5-6,000 developers and other visitors drink coffee and order sandwiches during their lunch break.

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Satya Nadella swapped in An introductory keyword San Francisco Moscone Center from the stage behind the library. Like last year, we’ve only seen it digitally this year.

GitHub already has 65 million developers and one is doing it yourself

After a passionate reminder of a time when the world was still going well, come back to Virtual Build. Every introductory talk starts with numbers and construction is no exception. Three years ago, Microsoft bought GitHub for $ 7.5 billion, which today serves more than 65 million developers From all over the world.

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Of course, our Let’s Programming Electronics series is also on GitHub

Visual Studio Code is the most popular IDE

The Visual Studio SDK is popular 25 million usersFrom the original experience Visual Studio Code is today The most famous IDE in the world, Who ultimately comically surpassed her nearly twenty-five-year-old heavyweight supermodel.

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Visual Studio Code is cross-platform, incredibly flexible and versatile with add-ons, for free, and according to Microsoft, it’s also the world’s most popular IDE.

Windows 10 runs on 1.3 billion computers

What kind of build would it be if the engineers at Redmond didn’t remember Windows either. The number of devices powered by Tens has exceeded 1.3 billion And he is gradually getting closer to his roof.

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Dozens already use 1.3 billion personal computers. Where is their roof?

Teams use 145 million souls every day

The Teams communication and collaboration platform is also growing, which has been using it daily for more than a year in case the epidemic spreads more than 145 million users. Double what it was last year.

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Teams are used by 145 million users daily, and Microsoft often prides itself on being larger companies with more than 1,000 employees.

AI will help you write in the new Power Fx programming language

And now for the news.

Microsoft is proud of a new one at the start of the year Low code A programming language based on the syntax of formulas and expressions in spreadsheets. If you are controlling the left Excel command line, Forex Power, Created under a free license on GitHub, is the next step.

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Do you like formulas in Excel? Then you might also like Power Fx

Because Power Fx is a simple language designed for the enterprise platform Microsoft PowerSo many business analysts and strategists are supposed to program there, the company wants to make it as easy as possible for them. Using a neural network.

This is only a model GPT-3 From OpenAI. GPT models are known for their ability to generate reliable text, chat with you, etc., so it’s no surprise that they will help you write program code in the case of Power Fx.

In normal human English you write what you need to calculate and the code generator generates a final snippet in Power Fx.

Example of how GPT-3 generates code from human input in Power Fx:

By the way, IBM’s experience in this area is worth mentioning here CodeNet, Which we also talked about recently. So a giant database of source code in dozens of programming languages ​​that neural networks like GPT-3 and others can learn to create text on. In this case, the program codes.

PyTorch Foundation on Azure

Speaking of AI, of course Azure Cloud Hosting is going to be blown away by it. As part of Azure, Microsoft will offer tools to integrate neural networks and machine learning into specific business tasks and business logic.

Basically, the first generation of more general AI APIs, which translate texts, recognize what’s in images, etc., will also complement the technologies the company can really use in their business. For example in the analysis of accounting data, design, etc.

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According to Microsoft, the future AI platform is PyTorch

This is also great news PyTorch Business on MS Azure – Great support for the most popular AI framework, originally launched by Facebook. If not at all, let’s remember that the world of machine learning and applied neural networks is now divided into several key frameworks that make it easier for developers.

With the help of such a framework, you will literally run a specific AI model on a few lines of code, which we also tried in our Let’s Program Electronics series, where we use a neural network image model and a TensorFlow framework. Learn about things in front of the camera.

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Using the AI ​​framework (TensorFlow), we were able to write a simple Python application that recognizes a person in an image from the web

Google makes TensorFlow, but under it PyTorch is getting more and more popular. It will now be official live on Microsoft’s powerful servers and with sufficient support.

Azure services in the cloud and Pepře in the server room

AI-grade technologies are one of the pillars of Azure (but also to compete with Google Cloud and IBM – all companies do the same to some extent), and the other is portability.

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Azure is everywhere, from a data center to a server somewhere in the company

Microsoft is well aware that it is not just going to attract all businesses to the public cloud (data centers around the world), as many of them want to have critical computers and data under their roof (instead of work) or at least partially (mixed). cloud).

In Redmond he would try to meet them and through him Leaders And other technologies of running Azure services both in the data center, for example somewhere in Frankfurt, and in the server room of Smíchov, which Ing takes care of. LuboÅ¡ PepÅ™ and it’s really good.

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German company Lufthansa is also working on Azure and AI

We will erase our carbon footprint until 1975

Okay, but what kind of news would the cloud be if it wasn’t green and carbon-free, right? Last year, Microsoft announced a bold goal of not wanting to be carbon neutral by 2030 (buying electricity from renewable sources, etc.), but rather directly carbon negative. By 2050, it wants to save the same amount of carbon emissions that it has produced as a business since its inception in 1975.

The Green Foundation is under the control of Linux

To save those words with a few more words, break away from Accenture, GitHub (sound), ThoughtWorks and many other players and co-found the Linux Foundation. Green Software Foundation.

The goal should be new standards and tools by 2030 Reduce IT emissions by 45%. Whether it’s green or purple, it has its own logic, and computers – whether it’s servers in data centers or your cellphones in your pocket – together they represent a technological marvel and the essence of it. digital age, but they are also incredible cannibals on a global scale. energy.

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The program icon will also be green

The Green Software Foundation will try to reduce its thirst for joules not through hardware, but through applications and software – by supporting the development of more efficient algorithms, moving computations to more energy-efficient clouds, etc. .

Gentlemen, great idea, but without the above from Google, IBM, Samsung, Apple and the other big fish, this is still just fun marketing.

Therefore, the second year of Pure Online Microsoft Build Developer Conference has successfully started and the introductory year Opening remarks Tuesday by Satya Nadelli And other speakers on Wednesday, and of course a series of conferences and accompanying workshops.


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