Windows 11 taskbar improves for people who open tons of apps

The coolest addition we’ve seen in a while is now available to users on the Experimental Dev Channel: a modified version of the taskbar with much improved handling of application icon overflow when users have too many applications open at once. Click an ellipsis button in your taskbar and a new icon overflow menu opens, allowing you to interact with any of these additional icons the same way you would if they were were on the taskbar.

This would be a big improvement over the current overflow behavior, which devotes an icon’s space to displaying the icon of the app you last interacted with, leaving the rest inaccessible. This icon will continue to appear in the taskbar next to the new ellipsis icon. Microsoft says app icons in the overflow area will be able to display jump lists and other customizable shortcuts the same way as any other app icon on the taskbar.

Nice little change, but it seems rather telling that they’ve only come to this now.

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