What is Tote and how does it work on your Chromebook?

In the past, I dreaded downloading a file and being confused as to where it was saved. Was it in the downloads folder or on the desktop, I would ask. Well, with a Chromebook, you don’t have to go through that hustle and bustle, thanks to Tote.

The Tote feature was released on the Chrome OS version 89 beta feature, but has come to all Chromebooks running Chrome OS version 90 and later. This is a feature that hosts your files. If you ask me, this feature makes the lives of many of us very efficient.

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What is the tote?

As I explained above, this is your recent files home and is located in the status bar at the bottom right of your Chromebook. It is integrated with the file manager and downloads subsystem.

He houses;

  • Recently downloaded files
  • Pinned files (more on this later in the article)
  • Files dragged from File Manager to Tote
  • File previews in Tote.

With this feature, instead of navigating to the Files app to locate a file, you just need to double-click the file in the Tote to open it. Plus, with the ability to pin files, you can easily pin your most-used files to the Tote and access them easily.

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How to use Tote on your Chromebook

Once you have a Chromebook with Chrome OS version 89 or newer, you should be able to have the Tote feature. The only challenge is that it’s hidden in plain sight, but once you’ve downloaded a file, you should be able to see the Tote icon appear on your status bar.

Tote 1

Once you’ve clicked the Tote icon (an arrow pointing down to indicate uploads), you’ll see a pop-up window with previews of your recently uploaded files and those you’ve pinned.

Tote 2

Double-click any file, and as long as your Chromebook has an associated app to open it, it will open.

How to Pin Files to Tote

Now that’s really handy, and that’s why I love the Tote feature. I have quick access to some of my essential files, thanks to it. Start by clicking on the Tote feature to open the pop-up window revealing recent files.

Tote 2

Hover your cursor over the file you want to pin until you see a pin icon.

Tote 3

Click on the pin icon and the icon will turn white. Another window will appear showing you the files you have pinned. These pinned files will remain in the bin until you unpin them.

Chromebook Tote

To open a pinned file, simply double-click it the same way you would any other file.

It’s Tote, the handy Chromebook tool for on-the-go users. Do you like it? Does it make your life easier? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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