Wasmtime 0.28 is released with C ++ integration support

In addition to recent WebAssembly project versions of Wasmer 2.0-rc and WASM3 v0.5, the Bytecode Alliance made up of Intel and Mozilla and other organizations announced Wasmtime 0.28.

Wasmtime is the work of the Bytecode Alliance which was formed in 2019 with the idea of ​​being able to run WebAssembly anywhere. Their main focus has been on Wasmtime as a stand-alone JIT-style WebAssembly runtime. Along with Wasmtime, this led to their Cranelift code generator as a target independent IR which is translated into executable machine code and also written in the Rust programming language.

New this week on the Wasmtime front line is the release of Wasmtime 0.28. With this new version, they have redesigned the integration API of the project. This redesigned integration API should have a better implementation for Rust users and easier memory management. There is also now a C ++ integration of Wasmtime via the wasmtime-cpp codebase. Wasmtime’s integration interface enables integration of WebAssembly support into applications of other programming languages. Wasmtime supports integrating WebAssembly support into applications written in Rust, C, Python, .NET, Go, Bash, and now C ++ as well. There are also other unofficial language bindings / APIs for other languages.

Besides the integration API work and the new C ++ integration implementation, there are also other API changes in this new version and other low level code improvements.

Wasmtime 0.28 for those interested in this WebAssembly runtime can be found at GitHub.

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