Wasmer 2.1 WebAssembly implementation adds virtual file system, Lisp + Crystal

Wasmer as the “Universal WebAssembly Runtime Environment” that focuses on being able to run WASM code on any platform has been released with its next major release.

Wasmer 2.0 was released this summer as a step forward for this open source implementation of WASM. The project remains focused on trying to compile “everything” on WebAssembly and then run it on any operating system / platform or integrate it in other languages ​​or run it in a Web browser. Wasmer 2.1 was released today as the next major iteration of the platform.

Wasmer 2.1 introduces a virtual filesystem, which should especially help when running Wasmer / WASI on JavaScript-based environments with limited native file system support. Also notable with Wasmer 2.1, its Singlepass compiler is now up to 10 times faster for code compilation. Wasmer 2.1 also migrated from LLVM 11 to LLVM 13 for its compiler infrastructure and now also has LLVM AArch64 support in place.

Wasmer 2.1 also adds support for Apple iOS by precompiling a WASM file in a Dylib and loading it using the Dylib engine at runtime to bypass App Store approval requirements. ‘Apple regarding JIT compilers. Also on the platform side, Wasmer’s Singlepass compiler now supports Microsoft Windows.

Learn more about Wasmer 2.1 via Wasmer.io.

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