Visual Studio Code adds split editor capability

Visual Studio Code 1.61, introduced October 7, introduces the ability to open side-by-side editors for the same file.

The new split editor functionality is activated by a “Split in Group” command, which splits an editor into two parts without the need for a second group of editors. Developers can also toggle the layout between vertical or horizontal split via the Toggle Layout button.

Visual Studio Code 1.61, also known as the September 2021 release, can be downloaded from the Visual Studio website. Other features of Visual Studio Code 1.61 include:

  • Improved display of deleted and read-only files.
  • Support for rudimentary bracket pair guides, to display vertical guides for connecting corresponding bracket pairs.
  • Fixed terminal dimensions, allowing developers to define the width and height of an active terminal.
  • For locked editor groups, the settings experience has been improved to easily select an editor that should automatically lock a group when opened.
  • Platform specific extensions, with the ability to publish different extensions for Windows, MacOS and Linux. These extensions are useful if an extension has platform specific libraries or dependencies.
  • A Virtual Workspaces extension guide helps extension authors test and update their extension when VS Code runs in virtual environments.
  • The documentation for advanced container configuration provides tips and sample code for configuring development containers.

Visual Studio Code 1.60, released September 2, brought features such as automatic language detection. A versatile editor meant to help developers get started coding quickly, Visual Studio Code supports programming languages ​​such as Python, Java, C #, C / C ++, JavaScript, and many more.

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