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Events with a large number of attendees are possible with tools like Zoom or Jitsi – but they’re not as fun as a real meeting. It works best on the online platforms Work Adventure, Wonder,, and Mozilla Hubs: Like in a computer game, you walk around virtual rooms and listen to lectures, meet in small groups, or chat informally with others. people who are right in front of you. run. Kim Sartorius tested all four online platforms for c’t and found gaps mainly in data protection – two of the test candidates can also be run on their own server.

Laptops with Linux preinstalled are rare, but the Dell XPS 13 9310 can also be ordered with Ubuntu 20.04 directly from the manufacturer – albeit a bit hidden in the online store. Niklas Dierking brought his notebook to the c’t lab and checked how well it harmonized with Ubuntu and other distributions. It gives tips on what to look for as a Linux user when buying a laptop and how to troubleshoot compatibility issues.

Finally, we discuss with Jan Mahn a blind spot in the field of security and data protection: email accounts. They are often not sufficiently secure, even though they sometimes contain very sensitive personal data. Associations and companies that operate their mailboxes through an email host such as 1 & 1, Hetzner, Mittwald or Host Europe should therefore check whether their host also implements the technical requirements for email security.

Also present: Achim Barczok, Kim Sartorius, Niklas Dierking, Jan Mahn

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By the way: our new YouTube-Channel c’t 3003 is now available for subscription; In the current episode, Jan-Keno Janssen is testing AR glasses for 800 euros.


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