Top Robotics Internships in India in 2021

by Disha Sinha

June 20, 2021

Robotics has opened up a plethora of science job opportunities with prominent organizations with lucrative salaries. It is one of the most demanding jobs of recent years. While there is controversy that robots will take over from human jobs, robotics is guaranteed to be the future of industries. RPA has transformed the work environment by increasing productivity and helping human employees in factories or hazardous environments. RPA has created new professions such as robotic engineer, robotic technician, sales engineer, software developer, robotic operator and many more. Reputable companies need experienced professionals to work with RPA effectively and efficiently. Thus, there are many paid robotics internships available in the global market to train aspirants with hands-on training. Let’s look at some job postings for the best robotics internships in India in 2021.

Robotics internship at KaaShiv Infotech

Location: Chennai

KaaShiv Infotech is a ten-year-old company led by recognized experts in Microsoft, Google, Cisco and HCL technologies and recognized by Google as the premier internship company in Chennai. This company has the greatest confidence in people and technology. Thus, it provides specialized knowledge services to multiple industries with advanced solutions.

Responsibilities: There is real-time project development and technology training by eminent professionals. The training is fully hands-on with separate hardware and software machines and tools for the students. There are research and development projects with industrial exhibitions to improve company skills as well as RPA skills. Students should cover complete documentation and analysis of reports on time. The duration of the robotics internship is three hours per day of five days, 10 days or one to six months.

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R&D Engineering & Internship at Barnstorm Agtech

Location: Pune

Barnstorm Agtech is a Canadian startup funded by VC which has the research and development area in Pune. The workplace consists of a 14,600 high-ceilinged factory with a large head office of modern, well-appointed bungalows including large canopy outdoor spaces. It aims to build the most advanced “swarm farming” system of tractor-type semi-autonomous vehicles.

Responsibilities: The candidate is required for 3D graphics visualization software, Web-HTML5 dashboard software, multiple database synchronizations, robotic swarm, and programming of computer vision systems such as OpenCV and ROS. The candidate is also sought after for the physical design and control of the powertrain of hybrid electric vehicles, including battery management, spread spectrum data communication, sensor data acquisition and management, autonomous navigation , LiDAR, and actuated mechanisms such as robot arms, automated docking, and heavy load loading.

Conditions: The interested candidate should be any graduate of any specialization with sufficient knowledge of robotics, mechanical design, Python, LiDAR, HyperMesh, SQL, OpenCV, Linus, ROS, agriculture and 3D modeling .

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Management Intern – RPA Support at Genpact

Location: Bangalore

Genpact is a global professional services company focused on turning business ideas into reality through digital innovation and smart operations. Genpact Cora combines end-to-end operations expertise and an AI-powered platform.

Responsibilities: The interested intern should take care of troubleshooting issues in the day-to-day operation of RA processes, provide timely RCA and solutions when required, design RPA solutions with principles and conventions, create and maintain documentation. The intern should also support existing processes and changes as part of the structured change control process, support monitoring of robots in daily operations with the version management system during the code life cycle of the robot. The candidate must also make the transition from RPA development and manage the end users of the robots.

Conditions: The candidate should have a clear understanding of the RPA Blue Prism tool, the business process from the workflow diagram with the practical configuration of automated processes in automation software products. The intern also needs certification in major RPA products and hands-on experience with VB scripts and service management tools such as JIRA and ServiceNow.

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Robotics software intern at General Systems Pvt. Limit

Location: Gurgaon

General Systems Pvt. Limited is a Singapore-based startup focused on targeting the multi-billion dollar construction and mining market with a global customer base.

Conditions: The candidate must have solid programming knowledge in C ++, Python and Java with Linux or Kernels. There must be hands-on training on MATLAB, ROS, Rviz, Gazebo, Arduino, Raspberry PI, and LabVIEW. There must be sufficient knowledge of actuators, stepper motors, servomotors, frequency converters, motor controllers and motion controllers.

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Mechanical, Robotics or Mechatronics Engineer internship at Om Siddh Vinayak Impex Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Gujarat

Om Siddh Vinayak Impex Pvt. Ltd. is a textile company focused on recycling societal waste and putting it in the hands of the individual all over the world. It is the fastest growing retail company handling exports to consistent quality standards in Africa, Asia, Central America and South America. The company has two separate warehouses in India to classify used clothing from the United States and Japan.

Responsibilities: The intern will work on automation projects in a real industrial workplace dealing with mechanics, robotics and mechatronics.

Conditions: The intern should have sufficient knowledge of Raspberry Pi, Aruduini, ESP or other microcontrollers, image processing AI and programming languages ​​such as Python.

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Robotics training internship at Incrediminds

Location: Gurgaon

Unbelievers is the tailor-made platform that offers individual online robotics and coding lessons for all age groups. It has experienced trainers who share their practical experiences with sufficient knowledge. The learning methodology is known as the learning-assessment-application test which provides a comprehensive opportunity to learn while completing RPA projects. The company currently has 1,700 students in ten countries with 500 projects.

Responsibilities: The intern is expected to create robotics projects, conduct automation lessons for school students, and manage documentation for these robotics projects.

Conditions: The intern should have sufficient knowledge of Microsoft Office, robotics, Arduino and programming languages ​​such as Python, C ++ or Java.

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