Top Python Automation Projects Professionals Need to Know in 2021

by Disha Sinha

November 5, 2021

Professional developers have started working with one of the best programming languages ​​lately, Python for several tech companies in different industries. Python projects are in high demand to provide a solid hands-on experience for developers to hone their coding skills. Python projects are popular for adding value to resumes during the hiring process at reputable companies. Let’s explore some of the best Python automation projects professional developers will be working on in 2021.

Top Python Automation Projects for Professional Developers

Automate the reading and writing of a file

Automating the reading and writing of a file is one of the major Python automation projects that professional developers will be working on in 2021. They need to know the location of the file path where it is stored. They must use an instruction to open and execute all of the indented code under a block. Once a program has finished running, the instruction will automatically complete the cleanup and finally close the open file in the folder. This Python project makes it easy for professional developers to read and write a file with automation in this programming language.

Crypto trading robot

Since cryptocurrencies began to dominate the financial industry, there has been a huge demand for crypto trading robots from investors in the cryptocurrency market. Building a crypto trading bot is one of the best Python automation projects for professional developers. This Python project includes buying and selling cryptocurrencies as well as checking if any amount of money can be traded efficiently. Professional developers should have a solid understanding of cryptocurrency arithmetic with the programming language. There are several exchanges with the API to execute code for crypto trading.

Automate the sending of regular emails

Professional developers can use the Python programming language to automate sending multiple regular and mundane emails to a list of senders. They can send emails using the Python library known as smtplib. It is not necessary to install the smtplib library separately thanks to its version pre-installed with Python distributions. Simple Main Transfer Protocol is popular for working only with Gmails to automate sending emails effectively and efficiently. It is essential to define the Host and Port variables with a few lines of code to complete this Python automation project.

Raspberry Pi web server

Building a Raspberry Pi web server is one of the main Python automation projects for professional developers. This Python project helps set up a local web server and develop a flask website to multitask efficiently without any potential errors. Professional developers can use this web server to react to fresh and dynamic content that a user enters. They can combine a Python micro-framework known as Flask with Python to create their own Python web server. The following products are essential to complete this Python project: Raspberry Pi board, power supply, microSD card, case, Linux and Python distribution, Flask, pip.

Automatic time tracking tool

Another popular Python automation project for effectively managing time and increasing productivity in this programming language is Auto Time Tracking Tool. It helps professional developers to automatically track the current website and the time spent on the website by each user. It is essential to use a JSON file for future purposes with this data. Developers can track the time of any website or their usage of social media accounts with this Python project. It is useful for saving time as well as for gaining hands-on experience in automating with this programming language.

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