Top 10 Big Data Analysis Tools for Professionals in 2022

by Apoorva Bellapu

20 December 2021

Words cannot suffice for the importance of data and the need to transform it into a form that helps better decision-making. Transforming raw data into a form that helps management make better decisions is not a difficult task to accomplish when you have the right data analysis tools. This is why it is essential to rely on good data analysis tools. On that note, take a look at the top 10 great analytics tools for professionals in 2022.

Apache Hadoop

Hadoop is considered to be one of the best tools for handling big data. It is written in Java and is an open source framework. From plain text to images to videos, Hadoop has the potential to contain it all. It is highly scalable and finds immense applications in the field of R&D.


Xplenty is known for integrating and processing data for analysis in the cloud. It boasts of an intuitive graphical interface and a highly scalable and elastic cloud platform. This data analysis tool does not invest in hardware, software or related personnel to transform raw data. Xplenty is widely used in the field of marketing, sales, support, and developers.

Apache Cassandra

The big tech giants like Facebook, Accenture, Yahoo, etc. trust Cassandra. It is an open source framework known to handle a huge volume of data in a minimum of time. Two features that set Cassandra apart from the rest are linear scalability and the fact that this data analysis tool is free.


From data cleaning, data modeling, data reporting to construction analysis algorithms, Python has you covered. Python is relatively easy to use. Besides being user-friendly, Python is known for its portability. There are many operating systems supported by Python and one can work on them without making any changes to the system.


QlikView is recognized as one of the most trusted data visualization and analysis tools. This tool focuses on data integration, data literacy, and data analysis to get the most out of data. Thousands of businesses around the world trust QlikView. This data analysis tool offers innovative advances from time to time.

Constance Information Miner (KNIME)

KNIME is a free, open source data analytics tool that does everything from cleaning and collecting data to making it accessible to everyone. KNIME is known in the market for the deployment of Data Science workflows. One of the best features of this data analysis tool is that you don’t need any prior programming knowledge to get information.

Thought Point

ThoughtSpot is one of those data analysis tools that offers next-generation research. This tool houses a wide range of cool features, especially on the front of AI-based recommendation systems. Additionally, this feature also offers the potential to leverage crowdsourcing.


MongoDB is a free and open source data analysis tool known to support multiple technologies and platforms. It also supports multiple operating systems including Windows Vista and Linux. Plus, MongoDB is easy to learn, reliable, and cost-effective all at the same time.


When it comes to data management, Trifacta is one of the most sought after data analysis tools. The features are such that it can be used by individuals, teams and organizations. Trifacta does everything from cleansing to data transformation.


Alteryx is that tool businesses can use to discover and analyze data. Additionally, this data analytics tool helps find deeper insights by deploying and sharing analytics at scale. With Alteryx in place, one can centrally manage users, workflows, data assets, etc. in the processes.

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