This linux puppy is pretty picky

Hello everyone,

I am ( leaning towards has been lately) a Windows user. I’ve been using it since Vista for personal use at home, not something professional (I don’t have any proper or prior knowledge of using computers, all I know is trying so many things that I can alone).

A few months ago, with the announcement of Windows 11 and later the realization that my laptop (win10) wouldn’t get the upgrade to 11, I decided to switch to Linux. For this reason, over the last 2 months I have tried quite a few distros, ranging from flavors of Ubuntu to variations of Linux Mint and 10-15 other distros trying to find one that would make me feel comfortable . Maybe due to my Windows background, I ended up with Mint, which I’ve been using for a few weeks now as my only OS on my laptop.

Now comes the Puppy Linux part. About a week ago I found a very old netbook buried under a lot of junk and decided to try installing a Linux distro on it that can give it the ability to run just enough to be fine. At the end, I will write its specifications. So after some research I narrowed it down to Bohdi, q4os, slax, little kernel and pup. I’ve tried all of these except for the small kernel whose needs to use it were far from what I know and puppy. And here is the problem with the pup, I tried different variations of it but none of them really worked and I couldn’t even get it to reach the install part I guess, for various reasons that I don’t know, it would fail or stop working (failure or grub4dos minimal line issues) . So after trying with my extremely limited knowledge to find a solution, I decided to ask for help, which I would be very grateful for.

The specifications :

hp mini 110-1100


150 GB hard drive

atom processor 270

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