These Google Pixel 6 deals come with a free Chromebook worth over £300

Now’s the perfect time if you’re looking for Google Pixel 6 deals, given the imminent release of the new Google Pixel 7 smartphone. And, these deals from aren’t just a great option if you want a new Phone: You can also get a free Chromebook worth £339.

The highlight here is a Google Pixel 6 with Vodafone which includes 65GB of 5G data, plus unlimited calls and texts for £26 a month (opens in a new tab). You also have to pay a small upfront cost of £5, but this has recently come down to £95. In total, this deal costs £629 over two years, which is a good price when it includes a basic but free Asus Chromebook C214.

There are some good value Google Pixel 6 deals right now, especially when compared to flagships from competitors like the iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The Google Pixel 6 isn’t the most powerful phone out there – it’s the iPhone 13 Pro – but it still has impressive specs. The screen is 6.4 inches with a responsive 90Hz refresh rate, and the battery lasts all day. The Tensor chipset also elevates its photo-taking capabilities beyond those of competing handsets, so it’s great if you like taking photos.

Today’s best Google Pixel 6 deals

If the Google Pixel 6 above didn’t grab you, you can check out some more of the best phone deals available right now here on TechRadar.

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