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Fancy a Raspberry Pi 4 in a desktop ITX form factor with 11 PCIe slots? New Sea food The transport board can make your wish come true – but for a pretty steep price.

As we mentioned earlier this month, the upcoming Linux 5.16 kernel will offer better support for the Raspberry Pi 4 compute module. This little daughter board plugs into I / O carrier boards, which makes the compute module much more versatile than the Raspberry Pi 4 itself.

Seaberry Pi CM4 transport card

A popular use for this seems to be controllers for low-end DIY NAS servers, such as the next one Wiretrustee SATA Pi and Taco Radxa. At least using a Pi means more choices of operating systems and hardware, and the expectation of a longer useful life, than a bespoke solution – our thanks to the reader who has pointed out that the creator of Helios64, Kobol, has to close.

However, don’t expect too high too soon. Although the Seaberry board allows you to build a desktop PC using standard components, like blogger Jeff Geerling describe, at $ 435 (around £ 325), that’s almost 10 times the price of a cheap Mini-ITX x86 motherboard. Yes, you’ll still have to add an Intel or AMD chip – but a top-of-the-line 4 compute module with Wi-Fi, 32GB eMMC, and 8GB RAM will still set you back £ 85.

As Geerling found out when filling a Taco with high-end SSDs, it led to a performance disappointment, so don’t take a breather just yet.

You can’t get one for a few weeks anyway. Canadian kit manufacturing store Alftel Systems has sold. Normally, it specializes in computer security and wireless, making specialized gadgets such as this $ 350 card to put 12 M.2 cards in a single PCIe slot, and the company is in shock at the level of interest from Raspberry Pi enthusiasts:

“Our initial stock ran out too quickly (within minutes) after Jeff Geerling posted his video review on YouTube,” the company said. ®

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