The fifteen dollar Linux computer

Over the years we have seen many small computer boards of various capacities, many of which were powerful enough to be almost useful general purpose Linux computers. We’ve also seen more than a few computers that claimed the impossible, usually an amazing spec for a minimal price. Here for once is a small computer that is neither; a minimum viable Linux handheld whose price of $15 is openly discussed as a target price for large production rather than presented as its retail price.

It is the work of the legendary former Hackaday writer [Brian Benchoff], and instead of just being a circuit board, it’s a fully usable computer complete with case, keyboard, and screen. It’s based on an Allwinner F1C100s SoC, it’s powered by AAA cells, and it sports a split rubber keyboard that likely builds on its previous experience with the VT-69 handheld RS-232 terminal. On the back are a USB port and SD reader, and in the center of the front panel is a 320 x 240 pixel display. It is important to note that this is not intended to run a GUI, although it is compatible with DOOM, it is still a Linux command line tool. Perhaps most interestingly is it claimed that all parts are available in quantity here in the chip shortage, so perhaps there’s even a chance that we see it as more than just a project. We can hope.

Thank you [Sathish Guru V] for the tip.

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