T-shirt design contest celebrates 30 years of Linux

The Linux Foundation has launched a t-shirt design contest to celebrate Linux’s 30th anniversary. The LF also announced an Open 3D foundation for the creation of an open 3D engine as well as an open voice network for open and AI-enabled voice assistance.

Linux turns 30 on August 25, and the Linux Foundation is celebrating it with a t-shirt contest (no, not like that). Designers are encouraged to submit a design for a t-shirt by August 6 that will commemorate the event. The winning design will be used for the official Open Source Summit + Embedded Linux Conference t-shirt, which returns to live format this year. The LF also announced two new initiatives designed to advance open source 3D games and open voice AI technology (see further below).

The winning t-shirt designer will win free travel covering airfare, four hotel nights and a conference ticket to this year’s OSS + ELC event in Seattle or one of the year’s events next (North America, Japan or Europe) 2022 (North America, Japan or Europe). The final three designs will be posted to social media for a participatory vote, and the winning design will be announced on August 25.

This year’s Open Source Summit + Embedded Linux Conference, which recently open to registrations, will take place from September 27 to October 1 in Seattle. The program listings have not yet been published.

No thematic guidelines have been suggested for t-shirt designs. However, the 11 inch wide by 13 inch high design must be in vector formats with underlined fonts and a maximum of 8x Pantone colors.

Linus Torvalds ad its unnamed MINIX-derived open source operating system kernel on August 25. Linus, 21, wanted to call him Freax, but when his friend Ari Lemmke uploaded the files to the FTP server, he changed the name to Linux, perhaps deciding that no one wanted to be scared of his operating system. .

Linus Torvalds

Linux had many improvements over the UNIX-based MINIX, including terminal emulation and file handling. Yet perhaps the most significant addition was Torvalds’ choice of an open source licensing system called the GNU General Public License (GPL) developed by Richard Stallman.

The Linux Foundation began its 30th anniversary by publishing a slideshow users and Linux developers revealing how Linux has changed their lives.

Open 3D foundation

July 6, the Linux Foundation ad intends to form a group that will tackle one of the last resistant to the advance of Linux and open source: 3D gaming. More specifically, the LF has announced its intention to create an Open 3D Foundation which “will accelerate the collaboration of developers on 3D simulation and gaming technologies”. The organization “will support open source projects that advance capabilities related to 3D graphics, rendering, authoring and development.”


The first Open 3D Foundation project was started by Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), which provided an updated version of its Amazon Lumberyard game engine as Open the 3D engine (O3DE). The O3DE engine, already available on GitHub, is available under a permissive Apache 2.0 license.

Open the 3D engine editor screen
(Click on the image to enlarge)

The Open 3D engine provides a new multi-threaded photorealistic renderer, an extensible 3D content editor, a data-driven character animation system, and a node-based visual scripting tool. The engine is designed for more than just games, with applications listed including simulation, 3D rendering, content creation tools, animation, physical systems, and asset processing.

The founding members of the Open 3D Foundation include AccelByte, Adobe, Apocalypse Studios, Audiokinetic, AWS, Backtrace.io, Carbonated, Futurewei, GAMEPOCH, Genvid Technologies, Hadean, HERE Technologies, Huawei, Intel, International Game Developers Association, KitBash3D, Kythera AI, Niantic, Open Robotics, PopcornFX, Red Hat, Rochester Institute of Technology, SideFX, Tafi, TLM Partners and Wargaming.

For more information, you can consult this O3DE panel July 22. An O3DECon event is scheduled for October 12.

Open voice network

On June 22, the Linux Foundation ad the constitution of the Open voice network. The association will work to advance open standards that support the adoption of AI-enabled voice assistance systems.

One of the goals of the Open Voice Network is to help integrate voice assistance into “multiple business processes and brand environments, from call center to branch and store,” says LF. The initiative also aims to “protect the consumer and proprietary data passing through the voice”.

The founding members are a strange mix of retail and tech giants: Target, Schwarz Gruppe, Wegmans Food Markets, Microsoft, Veritone, and Deutsche Telekom. (Amazon appears to be sitting on this one.)

More information

More information on the Linux 30th Anniversary T-Shirt Design Contest can be found in the Linux Foundation’s ad. The deadline is August 6.

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