Steam Deck might not run some of the more popular games on PC, but what about the fighting game selection?

Fortunately, that seems like good news at the moment.

Valve decided to jump into the handheld game business last week with the announcement of the Nintendo Switch-style Steam Deck, although there are currently a lot of questions floating around about what we’ll actually be able to play on the device. upon release.

According to ProtonDB Going through PC player, many of the more popular games on Steam wouldn’t be compatible with the Steam Deck right now, including Destiny 2, Apex Legends, and Rainbow Six Siege, but what does that mean for the fighting game selection? on the new hybrid system.

Looking through the ProtonDB user reports, this seems like good news for our genre of choice, with the exception of a handful of notable games and series.

In the current state of things, Dragon ball fighterz may have the biggest problems of the bunch since online gambling cannot be used at all.

This is due to the issue with the anti-cheat software found in DBFZ and the games like Destiny 2 mentioned above are currently not compatible with Linux operating systems, which power SteamOS on the Steam Deck.

These Windows designed PC games are designed to run on Linux using feature / software first released by Valve in 2018 called Proton.

This opens the door for a ton of titles to play on Linux-based computers, but can also lead to other weird issues as a side effect.

All BlazBlue games available on Steam including Crossed Beacon Battle and Centralfiction, have problems starting or crashing after playing / trying to connect to online servers.

Proton users report Guilty Gear may not properly display some cutscenes or in-game videos while the Accent Core Plus R apparently takes a lot longer to update the leaderboards after playing online.

Fortunately, just about every other major fighting game like Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, Tekken 7, Soul Calibur 6, Mortal Kombat 11 and others work almost perfectly for the most part.

These compatibility issues can be alleviated by the time Steam Deck is actually released, as Valve states that they are working to extend Proton’s capabilities for the handheld, including working on support for these anti-. cheated.

The new SteamOS for Steam Deck will also likely be much better tuned and suited for running games through Proton than a general Linux operating system, so other issues with running games will hopefully not be. le, not present on the system.

Steam Deck will be available from US $ 399 up to US $ 649 with shipments starting December 2021.

Valve’s new foray into hardware seems to factor in fighting games in a way since their promotional images include depictions of the Steam Deck running Guilty Gear Strive with an arcade stick and a plugged-in Hit Box controller.

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