Raspberry Pi’s new RP2040 chip is now on sale – for just $ 1

Raspberry Pi has started sales of individual units of its tiny custom chip.

The RP2040 is Raspberry Pi’s first custom chip and is designed with microcontroller class products in mind,

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Raspberry Pi has kicked off individual sales of the PR2040, the company’s new custom processor and the beating silicon heart of the recently launched Raspberry Pi Pico. And it’s yours for just $ 1.

The RP2040 chips are now available from approved Raspberry Pi resellers in unit sales, allowing device makers to build their own hardware projects on products using Raspberry Pi’s diminutive, 2mm2 of 40nm silicon.

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Fans will be aware that the company launched the Raspberry Pi Pico using the RP2040 in January. It marked the launch of a whole new class of devices for the UK card maker, being Raspberry Pi’s first microcontroller board, as well as the first device to be built on a chip designed in-house by Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi Pico is the fifth device launched by Raspberry Pi in the space of twelve months, with the company’s co-founder, Eben Upton, who recently spoke with TechRepublic about the challenges the company was facing in responding to the soaring demand for its products in 2021.

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The availability of the PR2040 has so far been hampered by a backlog for Raspberry Pi Pico devices. Upton told TechRepublic that Raspberry Pi has so far shipped just under 600,000 units and has an additional 700,000 out of stock.

Today, the company has decided to remove some 40,000 RP2040 units from this supply chain so that sales of individual units will move about three months earlier than originally planned.

“This will give people time to develop their projects and products, while we eliminate the rest of Pico’s backlog and increase production of RP2040. In the fall, we will have a significant volume to meet any demand. that will result, ”Upton said. in an article on the Raspberry Pi blog.

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Raspberry Pi is also considering selling the RP2040 on the reel: Upton said the company is still figuring out what that would look like, but should have a number in mind by fall. This will work at a “significantly lower” price than buying units at $ 1 a pop.

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The RP4040 packs a 133MHz dual-core Arm Cortex M0 + processor, with 264KB of on-chip RAM and support for up to 16MB of off-chip flash memory, as well as USB 1.1 pins and 30 GPIO pins.

Users can use one of the on-chip processor cores to run application code and the other to monitor hardware. They can also run application code on both cores with FreeRTOS or MicroPython.

A fully connected switch connects ARM cores and DMA engines to six independent RAM banks, allowing users to maximize performance, while the Programmable I / O (PIO) subsystem supports SDIO, DPI, I2S and DVI-D.

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