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Project Reunion update leads Windows developer news to build 2021

Project Reunion 0.8 was announced at this week’s Microsoft Build 2021 developer conference, leading a series of win-dev articles.

Meeting Project came about because “Windows development is difficult,” Microsoft’s Thomas Fennel said earlier this year when version 0.5 was released. He said that speaking to corporate clients, “we’ve heard that developing Windows is tough. It’s harder than it should be. It’s harder than it should be. to be.”

The difficulty is with the various versions of Windows that make it difficult to deploy enterprise applications with new functionality, as well as the need to support older “low-level” versions of Windows.

The idea behind Project Reunion is to alleviate this difficulty, in part by connecting two disparate Windows desktop development patterns that have arisen: Win32 and Universal Windows Platform (UWP). The Win32 API (used for what is often referred to as “classic Windows desktop development”) was the original C / C ++ platform for native Windows applications, delivering near-metal performance with a direct access to system hardware. The subsequent advent of UWP resulted in another set of APIs. Project Reunion aims to take these two sets of APIs out of Windows, decoupling them from the operating system and moving their underlying functionality into a Réunion SDK, served by NuGet.

Meeting Project
[Click on image for larger view.] Meeting Project (source: Microsoft).

In announcing the preview for v0.8 this week, Microsoft did not provide specific technical details on any new features or functionality, although the project roadmap indicates that app lifecycle and power state notifications are now supported in the preview for packaged desktop apps (MSIX). Full support for these and other features, including windowing, will be available in v1.0 in the fourth quarter of this year – perhaps at the .NET Conf 2021 event in November when .NET 6 will debut. For unpackaged applications (WPF, WinForms, Win32, or console, not using MSIX), v0.8 also adds preview support for rendering and localizing text.

Reunion project roadmap
[Click on image for larger view.] Reunion project roadmap (source: Microsoft).

“When you build an app that uses Project Reunion, you have access to: Consistent and modern UX and interactions with WinUI 3, exceptional system performance and battery life, an experience optimized for the device hardware, and a hassle-free discovery and management of applications, “Microsoft said in a May 25 blog post. Publish listing Windows development news. “Everything is built on existing desktop (aka Win32) features available for incremental adoption at a much faster rate, as they are decoupled from the Windows operating system.”

Some other affected desktop development announcements:

“These updates will allow developers to optimize their workflow or incorporate new functionality into their applications, improving the end-user experience and creating a better overall product,” Microsoft said. “Further development of Project Reunion is definitely something Windows developers should watch closely, allowing developers to unify their development process and modernize previously developed applications without programming.”

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