PicoRio Linux RISC-V SBC is an open source alternative to the Raspberry Pi – OSnews

Linux-compatible RISC-V cards exist but cost several hundred dollars or more with HiFive Unleashed and PolarFire SoC Icicle development kits. If only there was a RISC-V board similar to the Raspberry Pi board and with a similar price … The good news is that the International Open Source Laboratory (RIOS) RISC-V is collaborate with Imagination technologies at market the PicoRio RISC-V SBC at a price similar to that of the Raspberry Pi.

I’m 100% ready for top-to-bottom open source hardware, whether it’s Power9 / Power10 on the high end or RISV-V on the low end. ARM is a step back in this regard from x86, and while I doubt RISC-V or Power will magically displace either of these two, the surge in ARM interest in computing more generally at least open the door just a little bit.

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