Phoronix Test Suite 10.8 released with many enhancements for Open Source benchmarking

Phoronix Test Suite 10.8 is the latest quarterly feature update for our open source, automated, cross-platform benchmarking software.

Phoronix Test Suite 10.8 unifies its management of environment variable options to now easily expose all these options from the Phoromatic server web interface for more robust testing. Phoronix Test Suite 10.8 also improves its test setup and detection of test run errors, also for more robust reporting in Phoromatic. In addition, there are many other fixes and improvements to the Phoromatic component for automated orchestration of benchmark tests within laboratories. Phoronix Test Suite 10.8 also features improvements to macOS 12 support, PHP 8.1 fixes, new / upcoming processor detection, and more.

Phoronix Test Suite 10.8 is available for download at Phoronix test suite on GitHub. Below is the longer list of notable changes with Phoronix Test Suite 10.8.

Phoronix 10.8.0 test suite

December 25, 2021

pts-core: Remaining PHP 8.1 warnings / patches resolved

pts-core: various macOS 12 warning fixes

pts-core: allows the use of the OUTPUT_DIR / OUTPUT_FILE environment variables to control the result-file-to * subcommands

pts-core: improved JSON output generation, added option to results viewer

pts-core: add result-file-to-html subcommand and simple inline HTML result output option from results viewer

pts-core: allow sorting of results by test date / time

pts-core: add the TEST_EXECUTION_SORT environment variable to allow sorting the test execution order in several ways

pts-core: consolidate / centralize the management of environment variable options to pts_env

pts-core: add remove-incomplete-results-from-result-file helper command to remove results with incomplete or missing data

pts-core: add environment variable REMOVE_TESTS_ON_COMPLETION as another way to automatically uninstall / remove tests after execution

pts-core: improved test / reporting installation and detection of test execution errors

pts-core: allow recording / archiving of installation and runtime errors in installation metadata

pts-core: add list-failed-installs subcommand to display tests that failed to install

pts-core: add list-test-errors subcommand to display test execution errors

pts-core: add variables subcommand to display descriptions of environment variables and what is set

pts-core: dynamic detection of the location of the Windows download folder

pts-core: improved Zip management on Windows

phodevi: Added detection for Arm Cortex-A710 and Neoverse-N2 cores

phodevi: Added detection for AMD Zen 4 cores

phodevi: Added detection for Intel Raptor Lake

phodevi: Allows better model number detection on Windows / Linux for Dell and Apple laptops

phodevi: CPU temperature monitoring under Windows

phodevi: display the value of scaling the frequency of the processor “energy_performance_preference” if applicable

phodevi: Linux CPUFreq EPP reporting support

phodevi: report security features of Windows 10+

phodevi: add environment variable PHODEVI_SAnitIZE for those who want to remove certain hardware / software strings from system information

cleanup: add a module that can automatically uninstall tests that do not run within a given period of time

phoromatic: allow the exposure of the PTS environment variables relevant for configuration by the Phoromatic server for marks / programs as an “advanced options” area

phoromatic: Use unified results visualization code to present results graphs and other results page data

phoromatic: use the shared / common code of the results viewer to allow adding / editing annotations, editing the title / description of the results file and removing individual results from the results viewer

phoromatic: improved efficiency when viewing results with a single results file

phoromatic: allow the Phoromatic client to connect to Phoromatic’s HTTPS servers

phoromatic: optionally allow the download of the test installation / execution logs on the Phoromatic server

phoromatic: “Run benchmark” low zone to run conventional PTS / system test suites

phoromatic: allow the test programs page to add suites to a program rather than just adding test profiles

phoromatic: add option to settings page to always uninstall / remove tests after execution for all Phoromatic tests

phoromatic: also allows you to define environment variables on a global basis from the Settings page of the Phoromatic server

phoromatic: allows submission of test installation metadata to the Phoromatic server so that the systems area can display currently installed tests and any errors

phoromatic: Registration support (settings page) for streaming current benchmark results to the Phoromatic server between tests so that the results can be viewed from the server as and when they are finished

phoromatic: further unify the results viewer and the common Phoromatic display code

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