Opera browser now optimized for Chromebooks: what’s new

Opera has announced that its browser of the same name has become “the world’s first alternative browser optimized for Chromebooks” following the latest update. The new browser version brings a built-in VPN and ad blocker that already exists on the Windows specific browser. It also adds integrated WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Messenger on the side panel which allows users to chat on messengers without opening a new tab. Opera notes that Chromebooks are popular every year (Chromebook shipments increased 276% in Q1 2021), there aren’t many browsers specifically optimized for Chrome OS. However, Chromebooks have set Google Chrome as the default browser, and this setting cannot (yet) be changed.

The new update also brings a set of five colorful themes, compatible in light and dark modes. It deploys a “special night mode” that shields Chromebook users from the glare of blue light that disrupts sleep patterns, and provides relief to those around the annoying light. Users can also sync data between Android phones and Chromebooks using the Flow feature by simply scanning a QR code. “This creates a personal end-to-end encrypted conversation with yourself that allows you to take notes, store pictures and small files, as well as save links for later reference on any of your devices. with Opera. ” It also includes features that are available on the Windows specific version, like the Crypto Wallet to manage your cryptocurrency accounts and the built-in VPN to help secure your browsing experience with a free VPN solution.

Speaking more about the development, Stefan Stjernelund, product manager at Opera for Android, said Chromebooks are great devices for people’s everyday needs. “We have decided that it is high time that their users had access to a great alternative browser with a unique set of features that they will find both useful and fun,” he added in a blog post. Chromebook users can download Opera browser through Google Play Store.

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