ONE-NETBOOK Unveils New Onemix 4 to Offer Intel Alder Lake 12th Gen Core Processor

ONE-NETBOOK is known for its mini laptops and its gaming sub-brand, ONEXPLAYER, which offers high-end gaming handhelds. Recently, the company announced that its Onemix 4s series of enterprise laptops has officially announced the hiring of internal beta testers for its new laptop.

ONE-NETBOOK Updates Onemix 4 to Onemix 4S, Integrating Intel Alder Lake Mobile Processor

The ONE-NETBOOK Onemix4S offers a 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Alder Lake processor which also comes with a USB 4.0 interface offering connectivity to a Thunderbolt docking station.

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The Onemix 4S features a 10.1-inch low-temperature polysilicon frameless display with a screen resolution of 2560 by 1600 pixels. The LTPS screen offers a faster and more integrated display than standard LCD screens. The LTPS display also provides enhanced image quality for users with its true-to-life display output.

The upcoming Onemix 4S is an upgrade of the original Onemix 4 and retains the same design as its predecessor. The new mini laptop is lightweight, weighing only around 770 grams. The OneMix 4S will support a 2048 level pressure pen (included and designed by One-Netbook for the system).

Image source: One Netbook

The 12th Gen Intel Core Alder Lake mobile processors offer a hybrid architecture, offering both P and E cores and designed with Intel 7 process technology. Current Intel mobile processors offer 14 cores, with six performance cores and eight efficiency cores in its architecture. Load balancing between the P and E cores is handled by Intel’s hardware thread scheduler, promoting better performance and heat dissipation than thin and light laptops.

Not only will the new Onemix 4S offer the same quality and form factor as its predecessor and a newer processor, but Thunderbolt 4 connectivity will support 4K displays and various external data components. One-Netbook’s Onemix 4S will also come with USB 4.0 ports that will enable more immersive “creation, gaming, and productivity.”

There is no other official information about the new Onemix 4S. Still, the company is offering an “official internal beta testing campaign” for those who want priority access to the new mini laptop.

For those who wish to register for the internal beta version of the One-Netbook Onemix 4S internal test, the company has provided a link to register. The company will need specific information, such as name, age, email and address, but also your current career and beta testing experience and IT knowledge to ensure that users interested qualify for the tests.

News sources: One-Netbook, One-Netbook Onemix 4S Beta Signup

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