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It’s time to rebuild the party

Interesting and necessary speech by the president. No need to look for excuses. If you can see that men like Donald Trump, who don’t even have basic morals and have no respect for the nation’s institutions and laws, aren’t going to make America great, then you don’t. didn’t speak.

The Republican Party is filled with good members who are capable of providing this nation with good leaders. It’s time to watch them. It’s time for them to stand up and lead. It’s time for good Republicans to come out of the shadows and rebuild Lincoln’s party. Rebuild the party of progressives in the early 1900s. Become the GOP again.



In a state of fascism

Some people, including Judge Wendell Griffen on his KABF show “The Barbershop,” have compared the fascist student loan forgiveness to Paycheck Protection Program loans given to businesses during the pandemic. I believe that the cancellation of student loans is a simple abrogation of a contractual right to buy votes. The cancellation of PPP loans was a contractual obligation of the federal government.

Partial student loan forgiveness is an executive decision that I believe is illegal, unconstitutional (not to mention un-American), and therefore an impenetrable offense. The president attacks innocent conservative Americans as extremists, while making fascist decisions himself.

The unitary executive is subordinate to the legislative with regard to spending bills because these must emanate from the House of Representatives. Old Joe doesn’t have the power to do it, but does it anyway because no one has the power to stop him, short of an indictment or legal action.

We now live in a state of fascism, with the chief fascist protected by an obsequious legislature that will neither impeach nor prosecute him. The sycophants of the press coddle and protect the president while the law-abiding citizens get screwed and end up with the bag for the reckless actions of an uncomposed president.



It’s a slap in the face

I was drafted into the army in 1972, one of the very last conscripts. It turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me, but not to the thousands of people who served in Vietnam. (I was sent to Germany.) In 1977, President Jimmy Carter granted an unconditional pardon to draft dodgers. I took that as a personal slap in the face. It was as if my service meant nothing.

I see a parallel between conscripts and student loan recipients who worked hard to pay off their loans. Both have fulfilled their obligations. Do loan repayers agree with me?


bent over

On numbers without thorns

Joe Biden may not be the best president we could have had, but I believe he sure is head and shoulders from hell above his predecessor who was and remains an amoral miscreant and immoral and embarrassing the country.

We – myself included – elected Barack Obama twice as president. As was to be expected in the mentality of this lost state, the rednecks instantly became Republicans, swearing it wouldn’t happen again. Biden and Hillary Clinton served as vice president and secretary of state, respectively, under a black man. Since then they have been denigrated and vilified by the remnants of KKK types here.

I think the senators and representatives we have right now are a bunch of spineless ciphers who are apparently delusional enough to think their fear of Donald Trump hasn’t revealed their lack of political savvy and integrity. The young senator is so full of himself that he cannot resist his ignorance and his impulsiveness by talking about things over which he is not the authority and which he seems to believe to be.

None of the clowns have medical degrees or provable degrees in psychiatry, but they persist in passing laws limiting and regulating the practice of medicine by trained professionals. They seem to think that their religious fundamentalism should be binding law on the rest of us, constitutional or otherwise.

Over the past few weeks, we have seen ample evidence of the open contempt for the American people and the rule of law that Trump and his cronies hold toward anyone with a perception of the intellect.

The gullible among us are about to crown a woman governor who has not the slightest perception of competence, reliability, or intellectual depth for the position. Why? Because Mr. Jones – a much better prospect as Governor – is a black man!



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