New Pixelbook 2 and Pixelbook Pro leaks look suspicious at best

Today we were made aware of a few leaks that just don’t make much sense. We don’t publish about it to draw attention to what we think is improbable information; instead, we want to help deflate these “leaks” before they become a more well-known rumor set. There are several reasons why I am not putting any stock in these new renderings and I want to share them briefly with you. First, a look at the Twitter posts that sparked all of this.

Google Pixelbook 2 Pixelbook Go 13.3 “Screen Replacement Google Tensor Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink
Google Pixelbook Pro 15.5 “display Google Tensor 1080P Camera Midnight, metallic gray, black thanks to @AppleyPro for another great report. Media Access to upcoming renderings !!!

Some things just don’t line up

First, let’s talk about the names. While I think we might see a Pixelbook Pro someday, there’s no way for Google to launch a Pixelbook Go type device and call it Pixelbook 2. Pixelbook Go 2? Maybe, but not Pixelbook 2. Second, it doesn’t take much to realize that these renderings are both poorly done and therefore probably inaccurate. Take a look at the second photo from the first tweet above and focus on the front camera. Does this sound strange to you? Yeah me too. Without a doubt, these “renderings” are not based on CAD drawings and are just mock-ups of laptops with a big G on the back. I mean, they didn’t even take the time to put a fake Chrome OS desktop on the screens.


Finally, the statistics reported include Google’s new Tensor SoC. While we know that Google is likely to make a special desktop Tensor, that shouldn’t happen until 2023. Think about it: there hasn’t been any information leaked about a new Pixelbook at this point. Wouldn’t Google launch it at its next event in October if it existed? Wouldn’t we see evidence of these devices in the chrome deposits? Sure! Still, there’s no indication that Tensor-powered Chromebooks are even close to becoming a reality at this point.

If those leaks had claimed that the fanless 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake was on board for a surprise Pixelbook at Google’s event, I’d be a little more inclined to be careful. Are you claiming they’ll be launching this year with Tensor inside? Unfortunately not at this stage. While I’d love to see a new Chromebook made by Google in 2021, it’s just not in the cards just yet.


The moral of this story: don’t believe every leak you see, even if it comes with some renderings.. The culture of leaks has gotten to a point where anyone can post just about anything, pretend it’s from an “inside source” and see what happens. It’s fun and I honestly appreciate it, but this one is clearly inaccurate for several reasons. Don’t buy it, don’t share it, and don’t be hopeful. I hope for a new Chromebook made by Google as much as anyone, but even I couldn’t believe it for a second. If any evidence comes along that puts the egg in my face, trust me, I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong and be grateful to have a new Pixelbook. I just don’t see that happening.

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