New Ambari skin care line delivers results overnight

When you think about it, sticking to a skin care regimen is often a leap of faith. It usually takes at least a month to see results, so who knows if your eye cream really helps turn the clock back. But this is not the case with Ambari, a newly launched unisex skincare line that works overnight, with third-party clinical studies to prove it. “I really wanted to create a product for anyone who wanted to see results overnight,” says Nisha Grewal, Founder and CEO of Ambari.

Ambari was born from Grewal’s skincare journey. “Good things come from need,” she says. “Like other people who adopt a 10-step skincare routine that promises you results in 30 days, by the time I hit 30 days, I had fallen off the wagon and wasn’t seeing results. because I was not following with regiment. I loved going to medical spas to get a peel or HydraFacial because I loved seeing instant results. You can usually see something going on, even with some redness after a peel, then you have a glow and luminosity. Living in Canada, where products containing more than 10% AHA cannot be sold, Grewal did not have access to the homemade peels and more aggressive skin care products sold in the United States. Since she lives in Vancouver just across the border, she set up a mailbox in Washington State, so she can have them mailed there and travel 45 minutes to pick them up.

After seeing the magic of strong exfoliators, Grewal wanted to bring this into people’s homes so that a visit to the dermis or spa would not be necessary for that same instant gratification. She also aimed to reduce a skin care routine to a bottle. “When you resurface the skin, you allow new skin to pass through,” she says. “It was important, especially for people who don’t have a lot of time and don’t want to apply 20 steps to their skin. It is a one-stop-shop.

Sticking to their less is more philosophy, Ambari launched with just two products: The Gold Profection22 mask and PM Active12 serum. Essentially a facial in a bottle, the washable mask is designed to be used once a week due to its high levels of AHA, which produces the same effect as a peel to leave skin glowing and polished. A real triple threat, the serum acts to resurface, renew and clarify the skin. The serum is so hydrating that it can also replace a moisturizer, making it a versatile product. It took a little over two years to develop them, with a lot of back and forth with R&D to ensure they can deliver anti-aging, smoothing, resurfacing and plumping properties overnight.

Grewal’s love for skin care has a deeper history than crossing the border to pick up his illicit products. Her Indian heritage played an important role in learning about the power and traditions of natural beauty. “In Indian culture, we use a lot of adaptogens in cooking as well as for skin conditions and our hair,” she explains. “My mom made turmeric paste and rubbed it all over our skin, as well as amla oil hair masks. As we grow older, it is important for us to take care of our hair and skin, and to do so naturally. This is where his inspiration for the use of adaptogens in Ambari came from.

Ambari is about juxtaposing ancient ingredients with modern technology. “Mixing the old with the new is very intentional for me,” says Grewal. “If you are able to make a formula that can contain incredible natural ingredients as well as your acids, you will see results the next morning.” Both products contain the brand’s proprietary blend, The Modern Blend, a potent combination of acids, adaptogens and CBD. Resurfacing ingredients include glycolic, malic, tartaric and lactic acids, as well as hyaluronic acid for hydration. These are balanced with broad spectrum organically grown CBD, which soothes redness, itching, and inflammation, while adaptogens fight free radical damage. A key to the duo’s effectiveness is that they are formulated with a low pH, allowing the high concentration of acids to work better, as a higher pH would neutralize the acids.

Since many people don’t want to give up their retinol, PM Active12 serum can be used alternating nights, but never together. Grewal recommends starting with the Night Serum once or twice a week and applying it to cleansed, dry skin. After waiting a few minutes for it to be absorbed, you can apply a non-active facial cream or oil if you need extra hydration, but the serum is so hydrating that it often isn’t needed. . “It’s so easy to remember one step and put on one product instead of five,” she says. Make sure to apply an SPF the next morning, as the actives make the skin more sensitive to the sun. For the Gold Profection22 mask, start by applying it for just five minutes before rinsing it off, then applying moisturizer, and you can work for up to 15 minutes. Make sure you never use the mask and the serum on the same night. For beginners, Grewal suggests sticking to a schedule of the serum on Monday and Wednesday evenings and the mask on Saturday night. “Getting to know these products is very important,” she says.

As clean as possible, wording was essential for Grewal. “The most important thing for us is that we want to be as clean as possible without sacrificing results,” she says. “We have assets, so we have to have conservatives, but at a clean percentage level. I wanted to make sure you know what’s going on on your skin and that when you flip the back of the box you know every ingredient. The sleek packaging has also been thoughtfully and sustainably designed, with an emphasis on recyclable glass which preserves and stabilizes formulas.

Available exclusively at and Neiman Marcus, they will soon add Bergdorf Goodman as a business partner. This fall, the collection will be enriched with new products. In the meantime, enjoy a restful sleep with Ambari OG.

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