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We’re well past the point when Halloween costume submissions stop hitting the peak line, but like every year, we expect a few to arrive until at least Thanksgiving. Remember, kids: Documentation is the worst part of any project.

[Troy] sent us a link to his wearable Game Boy costume. It’s exactly what you think it is: an old-fashioned brick Game Boy that [Troy] worn to a few evenings last weekend. This one has a twist, however. There is a laptop inside which makes this Game Boy playable.

Construction began as a large cardboard box [Troy] covered with a magnified image of the preferred use of all AA batteries. The D-pad and buttons were printed in a local hackerspace, attached to a piece of plywood, and connected to an Arduino Due. The screen, in all its green and black splendor, was taken from an old netbook. It was a widescreen, but with a bezel around the screen, the only way to tell it’s not original is through the backlight.

Loaded with Pokemon Blue, the full-scale Game Boy performs as it should, captivating guests everywhere [Troy] ended last Friday. It also feels like a pretty quick build, and something we could easily put together when we remember it on October 30th.

[Troy] was not the only person with this idea. A few hours before sending a link to his portable Game Boy costume, [Shawn] sent in his completely independent but extremely similar project. It’s a portable, slightly larger Brick Game Boy playing Tetris instead of Pokemon. [Shawn]The construction of uses a cardboard box covered with a print of a full-scale Game Boy. Again, a laptop serves as an emulator and screen, input is handled by a duino clone, and the buttons are slightly similar, but made of cardboard.

Both are brilliant builds, adding a huge Game Boy to next year’s list of Halloween costume ideas. Videos of both below.

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