Mysterious MediaTek MT8186 Development Continues With Two New Chromebook Cards

A little over a month ago, we discovered a new and mysterious MediaTek chip entering development for Chromebooks. As of late 2020, we’ve known about MediaTek’s ambitions in the Chrome OS space with their new MT8192 and MT8195 chips (Kompanio 820 and 1200 respectively) and, honestly, we’re patiently waiting for some of these new devices to start showing up as we hopefully there will be great benefits to Chromebooks having these SoCs inside.

At Acer’s global press event, mention was made of a new 14-inch Chromebook that will ship with the Kompanio 828 (MT8192) and we can’t wait to get our hands on this device to see how things are working. Keep in mind that MediaTek designed these two new chips with Chromebooks in mind from the start. While not entirely internal Google silicon, these Chromebook-specific Kompanio chips are the next best thing and with the way the current MT8183 performs in devices like the Lenovo Chromebook Duet, I’m pretty excited to see what the latest from MediaTek can do.


A new chip and new Chromebooks

Unlike the upcoming MT8195 and MT8192, this new MT8186 is a bit of a mystery in MediaTek strategy right now. They haven’t announced anything about this chip, but I’m assuming it will be part of the Kompanio 500 series. Right now the only chip in this series is the MT8183 which is in the Lenovo Duet, so I would put money on the MT8186 being just a revamped version of this chip.

When we first found it, there was only one development board linked to the MT8186 – “Corsola” – and little information could be gleaned from that device. It turns out that there are now two new Chromebooks in development that are nested under “Corsola”: “Krabby” and “Kingler”. For those of you keeping an eye out, these are all Pokemon names.


Again, we can’t find out much about these new Chromebooks just yet, but that will change in the coming weeks. For now, it looks like “Corsola” will be the main reference board and “Krabby” and “Kingler” will be the first offspring of this board. Much like we’ve done with all MT8183 devices – “Kukui” being the baseboard from which they were all generated – we’ll likely see a handful of “Corsola” Chromebooks begin development in the coming weeks.

With the MT8195 looking to strengthen the high-end Chromebook segment for MediaTek, and the MT8192 competing favorably with the Snapdragon 7c, a new MediaTek chip will likely be needed in the affordable Chromebook segment. If this new MT8186 can refine and improve the MT8183, keep prices low, and deliver solid user experiences in the future, it could become a very, very popular SoC in the Chrome OS ecosystem. We will obviously continue to dig to find out more. Stay tuned.

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