MPS Board Approves New Chromebooks and Infrastructure Improvements

The Midland Public Schools Board approved more than $1.5 million in infrastructure and technology changes at its April 18 meeting.

The largest expense, at $1.4 million, is the purchase of 4,400 HP Chromebook devices for K-7 students. Superintendent Michael Sharrow told the city ​​paper that these will replace the school’s current Chromebooks, which are approximately 5 years old and will no longer be supported.

The Chromebooks cost $322.51 each, including management licenses, enrollment, and asset tagging. The new devices should arrive within four to eight weeks.

Asbestos abatement, related to flooring replacement projects at Midland High, Northeast and Jefferson, was also approved. $105,200 will be granted to control the release of asbestos fibers from old floor coverings. Mr. Sharrow told the city ​​paper that this project will take place after Memorial Day.

$33,305 will be awarded for painting and sealing parking lots throughout the school district. MPS will also purchase new servers and storage devices for $79,679.35.

A series of staff development and curriculum proposals were presented to the board. They will be submitted for approval at the May 16 meeting, after a public comment period.

Totaling $338,614 from the general fund, the proposals are intended to help meet program and staffing needs, and help the school achieve its goals of providing a safe, more collaborative and diverse culture for students.

The proposals were placed on the agenda for the April 18 meeting as follows:

1. Blended learning workshop
2. Educational Technology Workshops
3. Student Information System Integration Workshops (Synergy)
4. Exploring the Elementary Literacy Word Study Curriculum for Grades 3-5
5. Game-based learning for the pre-primary center
6. Primary Program Collaborative Time
7. Michigan Integrated Continuous Improvement Process (MICIP) / Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) / Multi-Tier Support System (MTSS)
8. English high school curriculum and text improvement
9. Implementation of secondary mathematics resources
10. High School Science Curriculum Workshops
11. High School Social Studies Program Workshops
12. IB Exploration in High School
13. Middle School Exploration
14. Elementary World Language Curriculum Update (Spanish)
15. K-12 Music Curriculum Update
16. Keyboard input program update
17. Mandarin 2 implementation
18. Life 101 Course Development

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