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The register can finally reveal the answer to the question on everyone’s lips: who would win a hypothetical fight between Santa Claus and Linus Torvalds?

And the winner is… Santa Claus! We came to this decision based on Torvalds’ Regular Report kernel post state for this week, in which he rated the Linux kernel version 5.16 development process as “fairly normal”.

“This rc5 might be a little bigger than usual, but it’s not like it’s breaking any records,” Torvalds wrote. “I blame people who try to get things done before the holidays, and / or just random timing effects.”

Torvalds believes the holidays will slow down the release of this version of the kernel.

“With the holidays approaching, things are likely to slow down both developmentally and in testing, and as a result, I expect I will extend the rc series by a week as well,” he said. -he adds.

This addition won’t be because the extra rc is needed – although Torvalds left open the possibility of damage making it necessary – “but simply because no one will want to open the next merge window immediately during the new one. year”.

It’s a nod to Torvalds’ preferred release cycle of a two-week merge window followed by seven weekly candidate releases. According to that timeline, Linux 5.16 would debut on January 2, 2022 – a time of year that many kernel contributors will come to spend a week away from their desks to celebrate the season.

New kernel contributions would likely not be large in such a week, hence the Emperor Penguin’s plan for an additional release.

But the plan is not set in stone.

“Anyway, that’s the plan for now (based on previous years where we’ve done the same),” he wrote, adding “but let’s see how it all goes”. ®

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