Lilbits: Broadband Access, Electronics Shopping Goes Online, and Expensive Chromebooks Make Sense?

A lot of times when I write about Chromebooks someone will jump in and say they’re not “real” laptops, and people better buy a Windows machine. When I write on a Chromebook that costs over $ 400, someone will inevitably complain that it’s too much money to spend on a laptop with a crippled operating system.

But the problem with Chrome OS is that it is an operating system like any other. As About Chromebooks highlights in a recent editorial on the subject, Google emphasizes speed, simplicity and security. Chrome OS performs reasonably well on entry-level hardware, but like most operating systems, it performs even better on devices with faster processors or more RAM. And things like high-quality screens, keyboards, and touchpads cost money.

Google Chromebooks

Not everyone wants to use an operating system designed around a web browser. But nowadays, many Windows and Mac users spend most of their time in a web browser, and Chromebooks can run Android and Linux apps as well.

So while Chromebooks might not be the best option for everyone, asking why there are expensive models is a bit like asking why there are expensive Windows laptops. Of course, I’m sure there are people who are asking this question, especially when we see new models with price tags north of $ 3,500.

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