Job Opportunity for B.Tech Graduates at AMD

Job Opportunity for B.Tech Graduates at AMD


AMD is recruiting an experienced Senior Silicon Design Engineer at its Bangalore site. AMD is looking for an exceptional technical leader to help analyze and optimize the performance of EPYC-based servers for cloud, enterprise, and HPC and Machine Learning workloads.

The complete details of this work are as follows:-

Roles and responsibilities:

The ideal candidate should be able to:

  • Characterize the properties of Cloud, Enterprise, HPC/ML/AI workloads
  • Analyze performance profiling data, traces, and simulation data to quantify and isolate performance bottlenecks on the
  • generation material.
  • Capture traces, run simulations of future designs, and highlight key performance sensitivities and microarchitecture bottlenecks
  • development teams
  • Work with relevant software teams to drive performance analysis based optimizations in core server software components (linux, compiler, Java, KVM, etc.).
  • Perform competitive analysis on AMD and other hardware platforms.


  • Solid foundation in two of the CPU, memory, storage, and I/O core subsystems
  • Experienced user of performance profiling and hardware performance counter tools
  • Familiarity with complex cloud or enterprise software such as database, data analytics, machine learning and relevant references such as SPECCPU, SPECjbb15, etc.
  • Familiarity with operating system concepts (e.g. scheduling, memory management, paging, interrupt handling, etc.)
  • Good programming skills in any language (C/C++)
  • Data analysis skills (Excel or Python)
  • B.Tech + 4 years in Performance Engineering, or M.Tech + 2 years, or PhD + 0 years, in Computer Science/Engineering or related field of study

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