IX workshop: system deployment and automation with Ansible

Ansible is probably the most widely used configuration management tool. With the tool, network systems can be configured and managed from a central instance, and applications can be deployed and updated automatically. Ansible uses existing programs so no special client software is required.

In this interactive online workshop with many hands-on exercises, you will get to know the application areas and concepts of Ansible. You will set up an Ansible environment and practice using playbooks to perform complex tasks. The concept of Ansibel’s role is also a problem. The speaker Tim Beermann comes from the Linux B1 system house; he specializes in automation, configuration management and infrastructure in code form.

Der iX-Workshop System deployment and management with Ansible takes place from June 29 to July 2 in the online practice environment of B1 Systems. It is intended for Linux administrators with basic shell programming knowledge and is limited to 15 participants to leave plenty of room for questions, discussions, and one-on-one support. If you book before June 1, you’ll get a 10% early bird discount.


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