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Students from the Computer Science Department of the University of Puerto Rico at Bayamón (UPRB) presented innovative projects, which present solutions to relevant problems and questions in various social, health and business fields.

The projects were revealed during the final presentations of the thesis course and presented via Microsoft Teams.

“Through thesis projects, our students apply all the knowledge they have acquired during their license [studies], according to their field of intervention. In this way, they put into practice everything they have learned during their lessons, through the application with real cases. In this, they put into practice their skills and abilities developed through our program in very diverse areas and even by applying concepts that they were able to learn on their own, ”said Dr Miguel Vélez Rubio, Dean of the ‘UPRB.

During the virtual presentations, the students of the course presented projects and innovations such as:

Trolley Watch, presented by Jordy M. Rodríguez de Gracia, computer science student, who has developed an application model that facilitates the use of public transport thanks to the integration of Google Maps. This, providing real-time information to users, such as data on routes and their time or duration. This system is being developed within the framework of existing collaborations with the Municipality of Bayamón.

At the same time, Keyshmarie Vargas Adorno, student in Information Systems, presented a development aimed at optimizing the administrative functioning of a company. Likewise, Natalia J. Bercero Estrada, has developed a proposal that streamlines the process of taking orders in restaurants, thanks to an application that can be downloaded via a mobile device and which takes advantage of the use of QR codes.

For his part, Carlos A. Padrón García, student in information systems, developed the Data Analyzer and Manager platform, which facilitates the management and processing of scientific data, providing a tool for organizing data for users and Researchers. This is developed in the context of working with real data from projects carried out by professors of the Department of Biology of the Punta Tuna Wetland in Maunabo.

Another innovative project revealed during the activity is the one developed by student Allan Cuadrado Ortiz, who created a platform with the aim of meeting the needs of patients and caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s disease. and senile dementia. The system facilitates the follow-up of these patients; detect if the patient is in danger and send notifications to her caregivers.

In turn, Joshua A. Martínez Nevarez has developed a platform to optimize the management of COVID-19 vaccination data. The system enables the efficient collection and management of this information for providers and patients, including vaccine inventory numbers and the immunized patient register. Meanwhile, Sean A. Reifkohl Carbonell, has created a platform template to facilitate the coordination of appointments for professionals and clients in the field of styling and beauty.

In addition, Ian M. Vélez Lerdo has developed a system called Voice User Interface for Linux based operating system and API to improve user interaction. This, using tools developed using the voice as a tool.

Another innovative project is the model created by Emmanuel Ramírez Rivera, called Handsfree Car Notification Assistant, which seeks to reduce the distractions caused by the use of the cell phone while the user is driving, thus avoiding the car accidents associated with these distractions. .

Finally, Lucila Portela Díaz produced a system model with the objective of guiding users in the use of programming tutorials with the use of voice. This, by reducing user interaction with keyboard and mouse while learning to program.

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