Instant loan application fraud case under ED scanner: The Tribune India

New Delhi, January 4

The ED submitted to its scanner cases of suspected instant loan sanction fraud via mobile apps, recently reported by Telangana and Tamil Nadu, as part of its investigation into money laundering as part of a scam Online betting indexed at over Rs 1,100 crore, official sources said. Monday.

At least five people, including a software engineer, are said to have ended their days in Telangana after being harassed to repay loans granted in alleged violation of regulatory guidelines to gullible and needy victims facing economic hardship.

Telangana police have filed at least 50 cases and arrested 29 people, including three Chinese nationals, to date.

Chennai police also arrested two Chinese nationals and as many Indians recently after a plaintiff informed cops that he had been subjected to agony, abuse, threats and harassment by corporate companies. online loan application for repayment with high interest rate.

Official sources said the Law Enforcement Directorate (DE) has “broadened” its investigation to investigate these FIRs and the complaints filed by the two state police departments.

He investigated a case of online betting scam, allegedly carried out with the connivance of certain Chinese nationals, valued at over Rs 1,100 crore.

The online betting affair dates back to August last year, when the central investigative agency carried out several raids across the country at the headquarters of certain companies, their directors and chartered accountants, who were allegedly involved in the illegal exploitation of online betting applications on websites, which are hosted outside India and operated by Chinese nationals.

The ED case was based on a Telangana Police FIR that was filed against Dokypay Technology Private Limited, Linkyun Technolgy Private Limited and others. Southern State Police also arrested three people, including a Chinese national, in this regard.

The three were subsequently arrested by the ED also under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

The ED said these companies have moved funds worth millions of rupees across the coast using the “lax” regulatory mechanism of online wallets and this is where the angle of money laundering is. money appeared.

The ED will now investigate the case of the instant loan application as well as the case of online betting, as both have a more or less similar modus operandi of cheating people and transferring large funds to banks. foreign coasts, including China, through illegal money transfers and “hawala” transactions, they said.

According to Telangana Police, the lending companies, through instant loan apps, have offered loans to individuals, levied huge interest and processing fees, among other things, and have resorted to abuse, systematic harassment and threats of defaulters through call centers.

Telangana police also said they have received several complaints that these companies obtained sensitive data such as contacts, photos from customers’ cellphones and used it to defame or blackmail them to secure repayment of loans.

A statement from the Hyderabad police said that a preliminary investigation into these financial transactions revealed that around 1.4 million transactions worth almost Rs 21,000 crore had taken place so far. PTI

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