Innovative technology is changing Linux in the cloud. It is open for investment now.

Disruptive. It has become a powerful word in the business world. Every new business likes to position itself as the new idea or new force ready to dust off their heavy, complacent industry and lead the way in a new direction for all.

Of course, few of these companies are truly innovative and unique enough to play the disruptor card and make it work, but the need for change – and the power to be the force behind that charge – is powerful. If a new idea can really be a disruptor, its supporters could be poised for great success and great wealth.

NanoVM believes it is poised to play a disruptive role in the booming areas of cloud operations and cybersecurity, a pair of tech markets on the brink of generate over $ 650 billion in revenue in 2022. Already backed by more than $ 2.4 million in funding, including money from the US Air Force and the Department of Energy, the company has now launched a public offering of preferred shares via StartEngine.

The campaign allows general investors to plant a flag now, by financially supporting potentially revolutionary NanoVM technology. Investors can now access this server-based operating system it’s smaller, runs faster, and is exponentially more secure than traditional cloud-based computing today.

NanoVM: innovative technology for a new cloud

NanoVMs is based on the idea of ​​updating the technology that has dominated commercial servers and operating systems for decades: Linux.

While Apple and Windows have long dominated the operating systems space for personal computers, open source Linux has spent nearly 30 years as the de facto answer for IT professionals running most business systems. business. Its versatility and power have made it the operating system that runs virtually every supercomputer on the planet as well as over 90% of the world’s servers and cloud infrastructure.

While Linux is an undisputed workhorse, it has also been around for three decades, long before the current cloud computing revolution. Linux was not designed for the cloud or to run increasingly popular, utility-intensive visualizations. As with any technology that has been around for so long, Linux needs a few upgrades, especially in the critical area of ​​cybersecurity.

With cyberattacks on cloud services astronomically, NanoVM offers a new operating system based on the unikernel, a smaller, faster, and more secure program at the heart of an operating system and the brain behind much of its function.

Standard operating system kernels allow multiple users to access data at the same time, which also opens up opportunities for data breaches and cyber attacks. NanoVM unikernels are stand-alone micro-machines that run independently of Linux, each running individual applications on their own.

Because they are not part of an interconnected web operating system, they are smaller and run faster than traditional kernels. And since they only contain one program, they are not susceptible to traditional hacking and other cyberattack methods.

This space efficiency, speed and enhanced security are also hyper adaptable, able to integrate smoothly with most of today’s cloud systems. Along with making the transition easier for IT people, programmers, web developers, and more, all of this improvement also leads to a big selling point for early adopters: money saved on smaller, smarter server operations. and more secure.

NanoVMs is looking for investors now

With the new operating system poised to make inroads into the healthcare, finance, energy, telecommunications and government markets, NanoVMs are looking for investments to help fund this surge. So far, the company has already garnered interest from some notable venture capitalists such as Ron Gula, Bloomberg Beta and L2 Ventures, led by NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana.

Invest early to get the best deal on a business that could disrupt one of America’s biggest industries. At present, through the NanoVMs StartEngine campaign, potential investors can view the NanoVMs project and purchase convertible notes to qualify for preferred shares of the company. All investments over $ 500 also receive additional bonuses of 5% up to 25%.

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