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Functionality IEEE 802.11ax-2021 (more commonly known as IEEE 802.11ax or, more colloquially, “Wi-Fi 6”) was approved on February 9, 2021, with a maximum speed of 1.2 Gbps per single stream (think “stream “as a synonym with” channel “). As it seems to happen every time a new Wi-Fi technology comes out, people are once again wondering if this is the one that will ultimately make us topple over and get us away from cables and wireless.

I’m going to stick my neck out and ask a slightly different question, and explore if we’re ever going to move our worlds to have threads.

First of all, let’s not get bogged down with the potential of moving the server room and data center into a wireless world: it just will never happen. In an average server room or data center that uses physical servers, each enclosure will have at least one pair of Gigabit Ethernet connections redundantly connected to the switch infrastructure. Gigabit Ethernet is full duplex (strictly speaking, the original spec included half duplex, but it never really went anywhere) and so as long as the devices on either end can keep up, you pretty much get one gigabit all the time (and I say “roughly” only because you have to allow bits in Ethernet frames that are not the data payload, like headers).

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