How to use Windows or Mac on Chromebook

Now you can play with your company’s Win or Mac on your Chromebook!

It is very easy to set up. If you remember, you can use your study Mac with a Chromebook in your living room or access your business Windows PC from your home Chromebook.

Chromebooks take a look at the steps while watching a cute video.

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Windows and Mac software are not yet compatible with Chrome OS. Googlepreparing However, if you want to play with it now, you can pay for it.crossingJapanese commentary) is recommended for emulation. However, it is currently possible to run on Chromebookswindows software only.

Use Chrome Remote Desktop

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You can’t download Windows or Mac software to your Chromebook, but if you set up a separate Windows or Mac PC and connect it to the network, Google Chrome Remote Desktop extensions Remote control from Chromebook is possible (free) . You can display the remote PC screen on the Chrome browser tab and act as if you are sitting in front of the PC.

To use it, the following preparation is necessary beforehand on the destination PC side of the connection.

  • 1. In the Chrome remote desktop page of the Chrome browser, open your Google account and sign in
  • 2. Select “Access your computer”
  • 3. Click on the “Activate” button in “Configure remote access”
  • 4. Give your computer an easy-to-remember name
  • 5. Enter the 6-digit PIN code required to open your computer via the Internet or WiFi and click “Start”.
  • 6. When the device is displayed as “Online”, the setting is complete.
  • 7. You can edit the name and pin of the pen icon and remove them from the trash can icon.
Open Windows in Chrome OS tabs
Screenshot: Chrome OS

After connecting the PC (Windows and macOS, Chromebooks can be signed into Chrome), you can also select a trust link (if you choose this, you won’t need to enter the PIN a second time or later ) If you want to change the settings, check the list of Chrome Remote Desktop for the respective PC.“Confirm / Modify”Click to change.

After resetting on the original Chromebookchrome remote desktop page, try to open. Information about all synced devices is stored in your Google account, where you can also see which PCs you can access. When you tap “Go to PC,” a list of preconfigured Windows and macOS PCs is displayed. Select the respective PC and enter the PIN code to connect.

The session options are then displayed in tabs, allowing you to make your Windows or Mac full screen or choose the display size in your browser tab. You can transfer files between Switch devices and screens on this tab in Windows and macOS (if you have more than one) (click the arrow on the right to open it at any time).

This option is also available for remote connections.
Screenshot: Chrome OS

the notes are also

Of course, the connected PC must be switched on when the device is switched on. In addition, to ensure a stable internet connection, close other streaming applications on the destination and connection source.

With the steps above, you can do almost anything you can do with Photoshop, File System Access, Office, Windows, or macOS on your Chromebook. It might not be that easy when viewing, but tasks on PC are generally timely and you can emulate an input like PrtScr to be similar to a connected PC.

During remote access, the connected PC will be notified of this effect, so there is no need to worry about accessing places you don’t know. If you want to block remote access from your Chromebook, just click “Disconnect” in the Options tab or just close your browser window.

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