How to Use Split Screen Mode on Chromebook

Split-screen mode has been available on Chromebooks for quite some time. This mode allows you to view two different windows at the same time. It’s one of the best features of the Chromebook and comes in handy when you need to reference something or want to work faster with less jumping between tabs.

There are several ways to split your screen and in this article I will share different ways to do it on a Chromebook.

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By resizing the tabs

It’s one of the easiest ways to split your screen on a Chromebook. Minimize one of the apps, then drag it to one side of the screen. You can then open the other app you want to use, then resize it to fit the other half of the screen.

By drag and drop

Select the window you want to split screen and drag it from the menu bar to the left or right edge of your screen. You will then see a preview of the tab that shows how it will be displayed. Release the mouse and the window will fill half the screen.

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Using the Maximize Button on Windows

Click and hold the Maximize button located in the upper right corner of the application window. You will see two arrows pointing to the left and right of the Maximize button. Move over one of them while holding down the mouse button and you’ll see an outline. Release the mouse and the window will move to one side of the screen.

Split screen on a Chromebook

Use shortcuts

What is computing without shortcuts? You can use keyboard shortcuts to access Chromebook split-screen mode. Hurry Alt+ [ to move the open window to the right. Alt + ] will move the window to the left of the screen.

Chromebooks are great technology that saves you time and money, and they can save you even more if you know how to use them correctly. Chromebook split-screen mode is one of my favorite features. Do you have questions about split-screen mode? Let me know in the comments.

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