How to use caps lock on a Chromebook

I’m not a big fan of using all caps, but there are times when it’s appropriate. Say when your soccer team wins, or a trailer for Disney + ‘s latest Marvel show just dropped. Love it or hate it, sometimes you just need to write in all caps.

The problem is, you’ve probably noticed that there’s no caps lock key on the Chromebook‘s keyboard layout. It seems Google isn’t a fan of Caps Lock either, or maybe they don’t deem it important enough to dedicate an entire key to it.

Don’t worry though, because there is still a way to activate CapsLock on a Chromebook and it’s easier than you might think.

1. Locate where the Caps Lock key is typically located. In its place, there will be a key with a magnifying glass that works as a shortcut for searching on a Chromebook.

2. Press the alt key + search key simultaneously, and it will activate caps lock on your Chromebook.

Advice: Without a dedicated key and indicator on the keyboard, it can often be difficult to tell whether Caps Lock is currently on or not. If you want to know if caps lock is currently enabled on your Chromebook, look in the lower right corner. There will be an icon in the system tray and a notification letting you know caps lock is on, as well as telling you how to turn it off.

3. When you are finished, press the alt key + search key to turn off caps lock and return to normal.

Advice: Caps lock can also be turned off by pressing the Shift key.

If you need a little more help, Google even offers a video presentation of his. Chromebook YouTube Channel we have integrated below.

That’s all, that’s all there was to do. See, I told you it was easy.

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