How to Put a Chromebook in Airplane Mode

There’s no airplane mode feature on a Chromebook, but there is a way to achieve the same effect. This guide will show you how.

What’s the best way to prepare your electronics for air travel? Switch them to airplane mode.

As the name suggests, airplane mode is a feature on devices like your laptop or smartphone that disables all built-in wireless radios. This includes your Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, and more.

One device that doesn’t have an easily enabled airplane mode is a Chromebook. If you want to put a Chromebook in airplane mode, you’ll need to change some settings manually. This guide will show you how.

How to Put a Chromebook in Airplane Mode

As we mentioned, Chromebooks don’t have built-in airplane mode. Instead, you’ll need to turn off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data connections.

To put a Chromebook in airplane mode:

  1. Click on the system tray (battery and time) in the lower right corner.
  2. Select the Wi-Fi button to turn it off.put the chromebook in airplane mode
  3. Click it wifi icon again and check that the switch is off.Put the Chromebook in Airplane Mode
  4. Then click on the Bluetooth button.turn off bluetooth chromebook
  5. Check the Bluetooth the signal is deactivated by flipping its switch disabled.disable chromebook bluetooth
  6. If you use the Nearby Sharing function, deactivate it in the menu.Nearby Sharing puts the Chromebook in airplane mode
  7. If your Chromebook has a mobile data connection (such as LTE), be sure to turn it off through this menu as well.

How to Put a Chromebook in Airplane Mode Through Settings

Instead of using the system tray menu, you can also put a Chromebook in airplane mode through the Chrome OS Settings menu.

To use the settings to put the Chromebook in airplane mode:

  1. Launch the menu from the system tray and click on the Settings icon.Put the Chromebook in Airplane Mode
  2. When Settings launches, select Network from the list on the left.
  3. Press the Wireless and Bluetooth switches to turn them off.Put the Chromebook in Airplane Mode
  4. In the Devices section, make sure that Share Nearby and android phone are disabled if you have connected your phone to the Chromebook. If none are configured, you can just leave the settings alone.Disable Connected Devices
  5. Also, if your Chromebook has LTE, you can turn it off from settings.

Prepare your Chromebook for travel

It would be nice if your Chromebook had an airplane mode button like other devices, but you’ll get the same effect if you follow the steps above. Keep in mind that disabling radio transmission components will also help conserve battery power.

Of course, you can always shut down your Chromebook completely, but that might not be practical. For example, you might need to use Google Docs offline or watch a movie.

After disabling the Bluetooth signal, you may need to connect a Bluetooth device to the Chromebook. If you’re about to get a Chromebook for yourself, check out these Chromebook pros and cons.

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