How to open the task manager on a Chromebook

Computers run into problems from time to time. When this consistently happens, one of the first troubleshooting steps is to check the task manager and see if something is wrong. If you’re a longtime Windows user, you’ve undoubtedly pressed the trusty Ctrl + Alt + Del in the past, or more recently Ctrl + Shift + Esc when Microsoft changed it in Windows 8.

Like Windows and other operating systems, Chrome OS also has a task manager that can be accessed using several different techniques. Follow the steps below to find out how to open the task manager on your Chromebook.

Either of these methods will take you to the task manager and let you see which apps or extensions are siphoning off all your resources and slowing down your machine. One just takes a little more effort than the other.

Keyboard shortcut

One of the easiest and fastest ways to access the task manager is to use a keyboard shortcut, and luckily, Chrome OS has one that’s easy to remember. Unlike Windows, it only requires two keys instead of one, just press the Search + Esc keyboard keys and the task manager will appear on the screen.

Open manually

If you’re not a fan of keyboard shortcuts and would rather use the trackpad, this next method is for you. First, go to hamburger menu (three dots) in the upper right corner. After clicking on it, locate the option for “More tools“and select”Task Manager“from the drop-down menu.

End of process

Once the task manager is displayed on the screen, you will get an overview of all the processes running on your Chromebook.

Advice: Double clicking on the tab or extension will take you directly to the respective tab or extension settings.

Most of the time, it’s easy to decipher which one is the troublemaker by clicking on CPUs to order them from highest to lowest. From there, you will be able to select the process and click “End Process”.

Advice: You can select more than one process at a time by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking, or by holding the Shift key to select a group of processes at the same time.

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