How to install filezilla client on Rocky Linux 8 | AlmaLinux

FileZilla is a free FTP client that offers many handy features and is easy to use. Although it is commonly used on Windows systems, being an open source application, it is also available for Linux systems. Here we learn the commands to install FileZilla Client on Rocky Linux or AlmaLinux 8.

If you already have an FTP server, for example, on a cloud hosting or service, easily upload and download files using the FTP/SFTP protocol with graphical clients such as FileZilla.

Apart from that, FileZilla client also supports working with multiple FTP servers and different operating systems. FileZilla allows you to connect to an FTP server even if you are using a firewall or want to use a proxy server. If desired, the connection can also be secured with SSL. Paused downloads can also be resumed seamlessly. And if the server is busy, you can still continue your downloads thanks to the keep-alive system.

As a good alternative, we recommend the WinSCP client, which is also free. But it is not available for Linux systems, however, you can install WinSCP client using Wine, here is the tutorial.

Steps to install FileZilla Client on AlmaLinux | Rocky Linux 8

The steps given here will also be the same for other RedHat-based systems such as CentOS and Oracle Linux.

1. Requirements

Linux based on Redhat
A non-root user with sudo access
Active internet connection

2. Run DNF Update

Here we will use the default package manager of Alalinux or Rocky, which is DNF, to get packages from the system repository. Therefore, before going any further, run the system update command once:

sudo dnf update

3. Install Filezilla client on AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux 8

The packages to install the FileZilla client are already available through the default Rocky and AlmaLinux system repository, so we just need to run the DNF package manager with the install command.

sudo dnf install filezilla

hurry Yes then Enter Keys to start the configuration process.

4. Run the FileZilla client application

As you are done with the commands given above in this tutorial, you would already have the FTP client software on your system. Just go to your app launcher and search for Filezilla.

CLI– You can also start the application using your Terminal-


Or via graphic interface:

Run the FileZilla client application

5. How to connect the FTP server

The app’s interface is also easy to understand for novices. For example, to connect to an FTP server, a user must enter the hostname or address of the server in the appropriate field. If you also need a username and the password, also enter this data. A click on the “Quick connect” then displays the contents of the server.

Once logged in, on the right side of the FileZilla panel, you can now see the server’s folder structure, while on the left side, you can see your computer’s folders. This means that we can easily drag and drop files and folders from PC to server or vice versa to upload or download them.

install filezilla client on almalinux ro rocky linux

6. Uninstall or remove

Those who no longer want Filezilla on their Almalinux or Rocky can remove it using the DNF package manager. Here is the command :

sudo dnf remove filezilla

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