How to add and remove user accounts on Chromebook

Since a Chromebook is your personalized Internet browsing machine, it’s natural to be reluctant to share it with others. Its tight integration with your Google Account means your emails, photos, and browser history are just one click away if someone signs in using your account.

The good news is that Google is aware of this problem and has provided simple built-in functionality for adding new accounts. This way, new users can sign in through their Google accounts and enjoy a personalized user experience on the Chromebook.

So let’s see how to add new user accounts to your Chromebook.

Adding a new user account

To create a user account, first turn on your Chromebook to access the login screen. If you are already logged in, click on the Wi-Fi, power and time in the lower right corner of the screen and select Logout.

By clicking on the time and then on disconnect

On the login screen, click Add a person in the lower left corner of the screen. This option is ideal if the user you add will regularly use your Chromebook or if they want to customize the Chromebook environment for themselves.

You also have another option next to Add a person it doesn’t require your guest to add their Google account. This option is Browse as guest, which is ideal for temporary users. It takes users straight to Chrome, where they can start browsing immediately.

Chromebook login screen with Add person and Browse as guest highlighted

The next screen presents you with two options: You and A child. To select You if the guest is an adult user who will need to access all of the features of your Chromebook. This option will allow your guest to have an account similar to your primary user account.

Possibility to add you or a child

If you’re loaning your Chromebook to a child and want to give them access to limited features, choose A child. The setup process is similar to that mentioned in the following steps. In addition, it will offer you to configure parental controls for this user account.

After clicking You Where A child, Chrome OS will ask your guest to enter their Google Account sign-in information.

New user account login window

After the guest user has successfully entered their login information, the Terms of use for Chromebook and Google Play will appear, which they must accept. They may have a few other options, like reviewing what to sync from their Google account and setting up a connection with their phone. They can skip unnecessary steps where they have a choice.

The last step is to configure Google Assistant. The guest can choose to train the software in speech recognition or To jump this step. Now the setup is done and they can click Ended proceed.

The guest user is now ready to use your Chromebook with their own Google account which will sync their Chrome and Google Drive data. If they’re new to Chromebooks, it also offers a tour to familiarize them with the Chrome OS environment.

You can also access this user account later. It will appear next to your account on the sign-in screen when you turn on your Chromebook. Additionally, you can create multiple user accounts using the same method.

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Removing the guest user account

If the newly added guest user account is no longer required, you can remove it from the system by doing the following:

  1. Go to the login screen, where you will see the available accounts.

  2. Locate the account you want to delete and click on the Down arrow next to that.

    Down arrow next to the new user account

  3. You will have the opportunity to Delete this user. Click on it and Confirm to delete the account and everything associated with it, including files and local data.

How to add another Google account on Chromebook

The steps mentioned above are for adding a guest user account for someone who wants to use your Chromebook. But there is a way to add multiple Google Accounts to your primary owner account. This method is beneficial to separate the business account from the personal account. Or you might be looking to have multiple accounts for multiple businesses or jobs.

To add another Google account, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Wi-Fi, power and time option in the lower right corner of your screen.

  2. There is a Settings in the upper right corner of the menu. Click on it to enter the settings menu.

    By clicking on the time and speed settings

  3. Now click on Accounts on the left sidebar. Select your Google account, which is the first option under the Accounts section.

    By clicking on accounts to access your Google account

  4. On the next page you will have the possibility to Add a google account. Click on it and enter the login information for the Google account you want to add.

    Add an account option after clicking on the Google account

  5. Once connected, it will ask you to accept the Terms of use. Click on I am okay to complete the process.

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Remove a Google Account from the Chromebook

To remove the Google Account that you added to your primary user account, go to Accounts menu as mentioned above. Then select your Google account.

Three dots next to the second count

Here you will find all the Google accounts you added, including primary and secondary accounts. Click on the Three points next to the account you want to delete. Now click on Delete this user to complete the removal process.

Protect your privacy on a Chromebook

Chrome OS offers great privacy features for multiple users, as you have already seen above. You can let anyone use your Chromebook without worrying about your data or privacy. The Chromebook’s Add Person feature does this for you.

These features of Chromebooks rank among other operating systems and PCs because it is much easier to add users and Google accounts to a Chromebook. If multiple people in a home are using a single Chromebook device, these features can save their lives.

Like Chromebook, you can also create additional users on other operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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