How can WhatsApp Business help small businesses?

Over the years, small businesses have had a good grip on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. to promote their business and have benefited enormously from a strong presence on this medium. WhatsApp has also joined the bandwagon of these popular channels, helping small businesses expand their customer base.

What is WhatsApp for business?

WhatsApp for Business was designed with small business owners in mind. With the app, small business owners can easily interact with their customers using a variety of tools to quickly respond, automate, and sort customer messages. WhatsApp for Business is only available for Android users in India and can be easily downloaded from the Play Store.

With over 225 million WhatsApp users in India, it has been found that small business owners of pharmacies, grocery stores and department stores use the app casually to talk with customers, hence consider it a potential business opportunity to press.

How does business work for WhatsApp?

To sign up for WhatsApp for Business, businesses will need a number that is not connected to their personal WhatsApp account. It is mandatory to have a separate business number if it is not there, businesses must transfer their number with WhatsApp to the business account. Once the number verification is done, the company profile can be created and companies can start communicating with their customers.

What are the features of the professional WhatsApp application?

Although WhatsApp for Business looks the same as WhatsApp, there are various tools and features that make them different.

The features for WhatsApp businesses are:

Company Profile

The business profile needs to be created and the business profile contains important information such as the owner’s email address, phone number, and business address. The information must also be filled in for the locate function which allows a business to locate its store on the map. To protect the interests of consumers, WhatsApp tries to link the WhatsApp Business profile to the Facebook profile so that customers don’t get fooled by fake business profiles.

Messaging tools

Even as the customer base grows, WhatsApp for Business makes it easy for the business to engage with its customers. The feature helps to create message templates that can be automatically sent to customers. Some of the important functions of the tool are

  • Quick responses – quick response to frequently asked questions from customers.
  • Thank you messages – sent whenever the consumer orders a product or requests product details
  • Greeting message – can be sent when businesses first interact with the customer
  • Out of office messages – when businesses are unable to respond to customer requests

However, the intention of Business WhatsApp is not to disseminate promotional messages en masse, but to maintain contact with existing customers or prospects and to help customers reach brands and vice versa.

Message statistics tools

This tool helps companies understand the performance of their businesses. The effectiveness of message strategies can be easily understood by basic statistics such as multiple messages delivered and opened. This will help them target customers who engage and resonate well with the customer. It is planned to involve more statistical tools for more in-depth information.

WhatsApp Web

Businesses have another option for sending and receiving messages to and from a customer, just like the app. To access this service, the smartphone must be connected to the internet

What are the benefits of WhatsApp for businesses?

  • The customer will join a verified list of companies on WhatsApp, which creates credibility
  • Unlocks company specific features that the normal WhatsApp user does not have access to.
  • Businesses will have access to messaging tools and comprehensive reports and analysis.
  • Businesses can receive or send rich text messages, images, videos, and PDFs.
  • Authorized Business Solutions Provider Services will provide all support, infrastructure and technical support for WhatsApp.
  • Additionally, a WhatsApp partner will assist you in the application process, as the specific business use case needs to be defined.

What type of activity can I do on WhatsApp?

All types of businesses (small and large), or even freelancers, are free to use WhatsApp for Business. For example, some businesses such as interior design, crafts and arts, jewelry and accessories, clothing, etc. are almost all sold within minutes.

What is the price for the WhatsApp business?

There are two types of business account:

  • WhatsApp Business app for small businesses
  • WhatsApp Business API for medium and large businesses

For small businesses, the WhatsApp Business app is free. For large businesses, the pricing for WhatsApp is as follows:

  • WhatsApp API pricing is billed per message.
  • WhatsApp API accounts are only available through WhatsApp partners.
  • Currently, businesses have to pay two fees for courier
    • Total price per message = WhatsApp charges + charges for the WhatsApp partner. Both fees are collected by the WhatsApp partner.

What is the risk of using WhatsApp for Business?

The potential risk of using WhatsApp for business is:

  • Does not provide corporate data protection WhatsApp stores employee address books which contain company and customer data. It does not currently provide enterprise grade encryption.
  • Mix private and professional communication – considered unprofessional because people both enjoy communication separately.
  • Lack of company administration – Things like easy deployment, transparent monitoring, company-wide communication policies, simple user management, preconfigured devices, managed groups, quick support, and more. are not possible with WhatsApp and it must depend on a professional corporate messaging app.
  • Does not protect against data lossdoes not have a mobile security layer to protect company data if the mobile is stolen
  • Offers a weak companion PC – office must be constantly connected to the phone with internet connectivity to function properly, which leads to certain security risks.
  • Unsupported corporate file sharing solutions – Companies often use enterprise level file sharing solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint, Business Connector, Acronis, which are not supported by Whatsapp
  • Poor workflow management – does not speed up processes or improve operational execution
  • Lack of corporate support – unable to provide 24 * 7 monitoring and support with dedicated staff

Many small businesses have grown their business with the help of WhatsApp because customers are well acquainted with the support and believe that the popular chat app is the most suitable platform for their business compared to platforms. of ecommerce like Amazon where listing their business translates into a real struggle to get discovered and create traction among customers.

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