Google will soon let you share Wi-Fi passwords using Nearby Sharing on Chromebooks

Late last year, Google introduced its counterpart AirDrop, Nearby Sharing on Chromebooks. In a bid to further expand the feature’s capabilities on Chrome OS, it may soon allow users to share their Wi-Fi passwords using Nearby Sharing on Chrome OS.

Wi-Fi Password Sharing on Chrome OS Coming Soon

Hints of this ability were spotted in the Chromium repository by ChromeStory. This feature will allow Chromebook users to share their Wi-Fi credentials (such as network SSID, security type, and Wi-Fi password) with others using Nearby Sharing. Of course both sender and receiver must have Nearby Sharing enabled. and will need to be within Bluetooth range.

wi-fi password sharing using nearby share on chromebooks code
Image Courtesy: Chrome Story

It will be like this Android users can share Wi-Fi details with the help of Nearby Share with other Android users. Since Chromebooks recently got their hands on Nearby Sharing functionality, adding Wi-Fi Sharing functionality seems like the next step.

One thing to note is that Wi-Fi sharing using Nearby Sharing on Chrome OS might be in its early stages and it’s unclear when it will hit the stable release. It may not be launching anytime soon for Chromebook users.

On top of that, Google seems to be working on improving Nearby Sharing on Chromebooks. It was recently revealed that Google is testing a new Car-sharing feature for Chrome OS devices. This feature will allow users to share files from their Chrome OS laptops or tablets to other devices such as Android phones and Chrome OS devices using Nearby Sharing. However, there is also no word on its availability.

We’ll let you know once we have more details on the new Wi-Fi password sharing feature or the auto-sharing feature on Chromebooks. So stay tuned for more details.

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